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20-23 Janvier 2005

The Role of Higher Education in Transforming Communities :Urban Design in Arid Regions

Second International Symposium . Tucson Arizona USA

-  The Role of Higher Education in Transforming Communities : Urban Design in Arid Regions
Second International Symposium

- 20-23 Janvier 2005. Tucson Arizona USA

- School of Architecture. College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The University of Arizona.

  • Présentation The School of Architecture at the University of Arizona is organizing the second international symposium on the topic of Urban Design in Arid Regions. The symposium is scheduled to take place in January 2005 and is a collaborative effort with the Facultad de Arquitectura at the Pontifícia Universidad Católica of Santiago, Chile. The central focus of the symposium is to open up a dialogue to identify critical areas of concern and present tangible solutions to the ever-present issues regarding human settlements in arid regions, particularly in those locations challenged with rapid population growth and fragile natural resources. Since the issues confronting urban settlements in arid regions are not only of a scientific nature, we are inviting senior government officials and urban policy experts to a constructive scholarly interchange of ideas with scientists, architects, and urbanists for the purpose of providing innovative strategies to build a more sustainable and livable future for cities located in semi-desert environments.
  • Programme
    The program is organized along six specific areas of research, including :
    • Session I : Who Designs the City : The Political Framework of Urban Design
    • Session II : Ecosystem Dynamics and Ecosystem Management of Arid Regions
    • Session III : Human Ecology and Urban Design : Prospects for an Arid Regions’ Urbanism
    • Session IV : Building Technology : Sustainable Materials and Technologies for City Building
    • Session V : Transportation and Mobility : Low-Tech and High-Tech Ecological Mobility
    • Session VI : Strategies for Success : Building Public, Private, and Institutional Organizations for Change

- Contacts : E-mail : Ignacio San Martin
E-mail : Jeanne Bourke

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