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14-17 Février 2005. Wollongong, Australia

Integrated Concepts in Water Recycling

International Conference 2005

- Integrated Concepts in Water Recycling. International Conference 2005

  • 14-17 Février 2005. Wollongong, Australia

- Organisation : The University of Wollongong, Australia and AQUAREC

-  Présentation :
The focus of the conference will be to identify and address holistic synergies in water recycling. It will examine complex connections between such areas as governance, organisational responsibilities, knowledge and management of health hazards, technical choices, regulatory frameworks and criteria, and public responses and stakeholder consultation processes. It will bring together practitioners and researchers often working separately in these areas to highlight successes and lessons learnt through case-studies. It aims to build an integrated understanding of these issues and to illuminate appropriate policy directions and management practices. Case studies of recycling schemes are invited in particular to showcase such local and international schemes as well as learn from the broad international experience to bring our approached to recycling and water management forward.

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