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Taiyuan University of Technology (2005)

Study On The Water Quality And Water Pollution Control System Planning Of River In Arid Area

师莉红; Shi Li Hong

Titre : Study on the Water Quality and Water Pollution Control System Planning of River in Arid Area

Auteur : 师莉红; Shi Li Hong

Grade : Master’s Theses 2005

Université : Taiyuan University of Technology

The effect of the water resource to the human being becomes more and more significant ; meanwhile, the water pollution becomes more and more serious, which results in that the water resource crisis impacts the existence, the health and the continuable development of the human being. In the arid area most rivers have litter feed-water but were polluted seriously, so the water resource crisis becomes a serious problem of the naturalism to the society. The water quality research and the reasonable planning to the river in the arid area will offer the scientific foundation to prevention,cure and management decision of the river water environments pollution in the arid area, which has some realistic significance. Because the TaiYuan reach of the Fen river is typical among the polluted river reach in the arid area, this paper chooses the river reach from the NANNEIHUAN bridge to the XIAODIAN bridge as the research subject.Based on the particulars collection of the incoming tributary and the drain of this river reach, the reach pollution controllable factors are screened and defined. The monitoring cross-section is set according to the monitoring setting principle. The long-term monitor to the water quality is carried out by the high frequency sampling way. During the process of the collection and the analyzing of the statistical data, the scientific statistical method is adopted to process the data. Combining the data of water survey and the result of the water quality monitoring data handling, the water quality existing condition is displayed and the main water quality problem is indicated, which offers the foundation material to the water quality simulation and the water pollution control systemplanning.Serious malodorous black phenomenon is one of the important characters of the water quality in arid area river, so it is chosen as the one of the priority research parts in this paper. Borrowing the idea from the water environments existing evaluation methods and the existing evaluation criterions of the surface water environments, the evaluation method and criterion of the malodorous black are adapted to the Fen river Taiyuan part, which can indicate the quantitative malodorous black degree of the river, are brought forward through the comparison and the analogue in this paper, at the same time the cause of the malodorous black in this river reach is analyzed and the measure to the problem was also brought forward.The water quality simulating is carried out and the water pollution control system planning model is set up of this river reach based on the practical situation and the monitoring results. The genetic algorithm is used as a main research tool. Through combining the gene chain of the genetic algorithm and the waterpollution control system, adopting the real encode form, corresponding the individual adaptation function to the total cost of the scheme assembly, the unit that has the least total scheme assembly cost but the most adaptation function value can be gained. The unit that gained from the GA corresponds to the best or approaches to the best scheme.This paper is based on the province nature scientific fund project (20021074), which chooses the Fen river TaiYuan city reach from the NANNEIHUAN bridge to the XIAODIAN bridge as the research subject. It is the first time to fractionize the cross-section, has long-term and real-time field monitoring to this river reach. The first-hand data on the water quality of this river reach is gained through the above measures. The Fen river water quality model and the water pollution control system planning model are established. The genetic algorithm is chosen as research tool to the planning problem and the computer is chosen as the tool to implement the algorithm, which can obtain the systematization research methods.The research results indicate that the water quality of Fen riverTaiYuan city reach has been polluted terribly. It is necessary to take the measure at once. The research method in this paper can offer the reference to the research of total Fen river basin and the water pollution control planning in arid area, at the same time the research results can offer the technical supports for the environment management

Mots clés : river in arid area; water quality; malodorous black; water pollution control system planning; genetic algorithm;

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