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Xinjiang University (2006)

Analyzing The Effects Of The Downrange Of Groundwater Depth On Nature Vegetation Degeneration In Arid Area

周绪; Zhou Xu

Titre : Analyzing the Effects of the Downrange of Groundwater Depth on Nature Vegetation Degeneration in Arid Area

Auteur : 周绪; Zhou Xu

Grade : Master’s Theses 2006

Université : Xinjiang University

Water resources as restrictively resources of economic development of the arid area, competitive use of it has caused diversified conflicts and the stabilization , security and development of the region have been serious influenced. In this dissertation, by using RS, GIS technology, synthesizing theory of Geostatistics and ecology hydrology, the effects of the depth downrange of groundwater on nature vegetation degeneration in arid area are analyzed. It is profound and significative to the intersecting development of ecology and hydrology and ecology monitoring , prevention, restart and rational using water.In this dissertation, based on the previously research, by adopting the method of field investigation combined with office analysis and simulation, RS,GIS technology as the platform of process, analysis and simulation of key data, by synthesizing theory of Geostatistics, the following results are acquired : (1) Degeneration region of nature vegetation countermarched from southwest to northeast, and its reduced area was over 50% for 15 years in the typical study area, desert coverage has expanded ;(2) In the typical study region, change area of nature vegetation is not obvious in 0 m-5m ; the sensitive region is in 5 m -8m and the severe decline area over 10 m ; (3) The expanded semi-settled dune area is over 1800 hm 2 in 10 m-18m and it will be a new sandy headstream. So the state of local environment has been extremely frail, and sustainable development of the study area will be met more serious challenge in the future.In this investigation, from new angle of viewpoint of the downrange of groundwater depth, its effects on nature vegetation degeneration are analyzed. In the actual application, this means can fast offer intuitionist data of ecology environment. At present, this thesis is relatively advance domain and no same research is published

Mots clés : Arid area; Downrange of groundwater depth; Nature vegetation degeneration; RS and GIS;

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