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Xinjiang University (2004)

Study On Influence Of Land Use And Land Cover Change To The Stability Of Oasis In Arid Area

张玉进; Zhang Yu Jin

Titre : Study on Influence of Land Use and Land Cover Change to the Stability of Oasis in Arid Area

Auteur : 张玉进; Zhang Yu Jin

Grade : Master’s Theses 2004

Université : Xinjiang University

Oasis is one of the three systems, mountains, desert and oasis in arid region.It is a special geographic landscape. There is a crucial relation between oasis anddesert. Oasis comes from desert but it is different from desert. Oasis is changingconstantly since its coming into being, that is to say, it transforms betweenstability and instability ceaselessly and the transformation is absolute whilestability is relative. The transformation during long time in different places aremainly that oasis changes into desert or that desert changes into oasis. Thesechanges are due to remarkable changes of the aspects, such as water, soil, plant,climate and activities of human being which composes oasis itself. After several decades of development in last century, the area of oasis innorth-west China has been enlarged greatly. Oasis is the primary place wherepeople live and produce something for their living and it becomes a basis forhuman being to develop mountains and desert. But the problem of desertificationappears in many places of oasis , so it will affect people’s life and endanger thestability of oasis. With the further study on global change, land use and land coverchange(LUCC) become a hotspot problem which many scientists major in. Theglobal changes impact on LUCC and changes LUCC, at the same time, lead toalteration of land use method, system of cultivation and desertification of land. Sothe study on LUCC is of great meaning to global environment study. On the otherhand, LUCC is an important factor to bio-environment changes in arid. Itsdevelopment has a great influence on the existence, progress and stability of oasisin arid. In order to make a further study on oasis, we must put our emphasis onLUCC. IIThe study takes the remote sensing image of 1976,1989,1999 and 2001 ofYutian area in Xinjiang as the major data source and dissertate the meaning andassessment index of oasis stability in arid region. Combining the theory oflandscape ecology and mainly considering about the relations between the LUCCand the stability of oasis in arid, it discussed the meanings on the stability of oasis,analyzed the relation between the time and space’s change of LUCC of Yutianoasis during twenty-five years and the stability, and got the influence to thestability. It has great theory value and reality meaning to further research of thestability of oasis. The study includes seven chapters, three parts, the first part is from ChapterOne to Chapter Three, it mainly discussed the relation between the oasis and thedesert, the introduce of research area, the meanings of research and the methodsand routes of research. The second part is from Chapter Four to Chapter Six, itmainly introduced the processing method and process of remote sensing image ,especially made an emphasis on the time and space’s change of LUCC of Yutianoasis during twenty-five years and the influence to the stability. The third part arethe Chapter Seven and Chapter eight ,it mainly expatiated the conclusion anddeficiency of the study, and drew an conclusion between the change of LUCC andthe influence on the stability of oasis

Mots clés : Xinjiang; Oasis; LUCC; Landscape; Stability;

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