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Xinjiang Agricultural University (2010)

Study On Water Resources Optimum Allocation In Typical Arid Basin

He Ying

Titre : Study On Water Resources Optimum Allocation In Typical Arid Basin

Auteur : He Ying

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2010

Université : Xinjiang Agricultural University

The Water Resources of xinjiang is 86.4 billion m 3, annual water supply is 46 billion m 3, of which 95% of agricultural water use,integrated gross irrigation quota 701 m 3 per mu, only 44% of irrigation water use efficiency, water use efficiency (only refer to food crop) is only 0.7kg / m 3, less than 40% in developed countries, water scarcity and inefficient use conflicts exist. Unique geographical position, economic development in Xinjiang water resources is an important strategic resource, therefore, the rational allocation of limited water resources, to achieve efficient use of water shortage is easing, supply and demand contradiction means necessary.In more than 90% of agricultural water in Xinjiang, a sharp increase in irrigated area and water shortages were mounting. For a typical basin, the status quo under the same water project, in order to expand the irrigation area irrigated area, without affecting its environment and other downstream industries, the need to improve agricultural water use efficiency and reduce the huge wastage of agricultural water. In order to save water in agricultural production process, first consider the efficient use of irrigation water resources and rational development, optimal allocation of water resources.Optimal allocation of water is in the best conditions to meet the crop water requirement, through the flow channels at all levels of water scheduling and distribution arrangements have abandoned the entire canal system of the minimal loss of water or water to achieve water-saving purposes. Therefore, the optimal allocation of irrigation water management technology, a model for optimal allocation of water for economical use of water resources and maintain sustainable development of river basin is important.This paper selected as the study area Aksu River Basin, Tarim Basin Aksu River is a major origin areas, directly related to the Tarim River comprehensive management plan objectives of the recent realization of the Tarim River Basin is the rational exploitation of water resources and ecological environmental construction focus on ensuring the region. Without reducing the Aksu River to the Tarim River Discharge for the case, if the status quo water conservancy facilities, to expand the Aksu River Irrigation Area, it is necessary to implement water-saving irrigation, agricultural water conservation. Therefore, this article first optimal allocation of irrigation water were studied to establish the optimal allocation of water model, developed irrigation water distribution system optimization, and the system typically used in the Aksu River Basin Irrigation District - Harvest Irrigation District ; Second, in Water Resources Based on the optimization of the Aksu River Basin Water Resources Allocation in a systematic analysis of a series of programs developed to analyze the optimal allocation of water resources program.The major results are as follow : (1) According to the characteristics of the Aksu River basin to determine the allocation of water resources used in this study, methods, principles and models. By WRMM (Water Resource Management Model) model was constructed Aksu River Basin Water Resources Allocation Model, and model parameter analysis and calibration. Research shows that the model more powerful, model flexibility, and adaptability, the model structure simple and reasonable, can be a good simulation of water allocation process.(2) The use of the Aksu River Basin Water Resources Allocation Model, the Aksu River basin water resources utilization has been analyzed.(3) The use of water resources in the Aksu River basin analysis, were developed 4 different water allocation program, using the Aksu River Basin Water Resources Allocation Model to solve the various programs, and to compare different programs.(4) For the irrigation of Optimal Water conducted a study, also presented a variety of crops, irrigation canal based on genetic algorithm optimization of water distribution model. In the collection of the Aksu River Basin Irrigation District Awat County harvest a large number of the Water Plan, water allocation and water summary data, based on the characteristics of irrigation in Xinjiang, developed irrigation canal water distribution system optimization

Mots clés : WRMM, the Aksu River Basin, the rational allocation, program analysis, harvest irrigation, water allocation optimization, genetic algorithms, VB, ACCESS

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