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Beijing Forestry University (2004)

Research On The Establshing Technique And Valuation On Eclogy Effect Of Urban Forest Of Industry And Mining In The Arid Area And Semi-arid Area—An Example Of Greening ShengDong Coal Mine And Dalate Electric Factory

常金宝; Chang Jin Bao

Titre : Research on the Establshing Technique and Valuation on Eclogy Effect of Urban Forest of Industry and Mining in the Arid Area and Semi-arid Area—An Example of Greening ShengDong Coal Mine and Dalate Electric Factory

Auteur : 常金宝; Chang Jin Bao

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 1996

The paper studies on the basis of practice of the rapid development of the urban forest in the whole world. The purpose lies in revealing the relevant relation between urban forest vegetation building intension and drought resistance and soil moisture preservation technology in arid and semi-arid region, probing into theorethcal method and application of the urban forest vegetation construction and ecological benefits assessing, putfing forward the corresponding technological means and assessing system, assessment so as to serve the practice of the urban forest in our country. For this reason, the paper adopts many research approaches, which are combining practice with theory , unsting standard analyses with case analyses, then systematically researches the background of urban forest system construction (including basic conception, range) and development trend, the interreaction of urban forest construction with technology of drought resistance and afforestation, forest vegetation construction technology in arid areas forest plants ecological benefits assessment etc. And it draws the following basic conclusions:First, through summary of the theory and practice of the domestic and international urban forest, urban forestry and drought management and water hushandry and afforestation technology producing and development trend, it expounds forest vegetation building technology and urban forest ecological benefits assessing intension, technological method and evaluation index system, which offer the theoretical foundation to urban forest vegetation building project implementation in arid and semi-arid region in the future.Second, the research results proves that urban forest vegetation building course must be set up the foundation of water hushandry and drought management. The urban forest vegetation that is finished should cnprove the moisture utilizing efficiency while it maximizes the ecological benefits. And the full play of the ecological benefits should reach the best on the whole.Third, through investigating and analying natural and artificial vegetation in mining area and suburb in ShengDong, it proves that the tree species have high survival rate and grow better on good irrigation condition in courtyard and street. However, it consumes the limited water resource too heavy too fast, which does not accord with the principle of sustainable development. Among the hillside and highway shade tree system in suburb, with poor water irrigation. Survival rate are low and the plants grow relatively weak. Tate fully proves that moisture is the main restrictive factor of urban forest vegetation building in arid and semi-arid areas.Fourth, several experimental results which use new materials of drought management and soil moisture preservation indicate that in general, the afforestation survival rate and planting condition for all plants enhance with the increasement of new materials consumption. Treatments of various soil moisture conservation material from high to low order are cover membrane, American dry water (solid water), "KeHan98"-hygrescopic to absorb water by pharmaceutical, "KeHan98"-hygrescopic water pharmaceutical, underground membrane and ordinary bottle water. Among them, the worst is the contrasting (CK) which do not do any treatment. Through cluster analysis it proves that 7 kinds of treatment can be divided into 4 grade types according to the function result. First grade is underground membrane to lay type (plastic membrane). Then second type is American dry water and "KeHan98" by pharmaceutical. The third type is cover membrane and ordinary bottle water while the fourth type is ck.Fifth, the test cultivated in a pot of the nursery stock proves that the desiccation amounts of different nursery stocks change and the survival condition under the same water loss dealing condition with have the simian change law. And soil moisture of different treatments losing speed from low to high similar are like following :

Mots clés : urban forest; The ecological benefits assessment; The vegetation establishment and construction; Arid and semi-arid region; Technology of drought resistance and afforestation;

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