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Hohai University (2005)

Study On Available Water Resources In Arid Inland Region Of Northwest

Qu Zuo

Titre : Study On Available Water Resources In Arid Inland Region Of Northwest

Auteur : Qu Zuo

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2005

Université : Hohai University

Résumé partiel
The amount of research on water resources available from the current inspection to see utilization is suitable for humid areas are algorithms and suitable for dryland down algorithm \are single system as the object of study, research, lack of binding. Ideological guidance under the coordination theory to multi-objective optimization of large system as a means to the socio-economic and ecological environment 2 system as the research object, certain preconditions of the total water resources, water demand coordinated distribution of socio-economic and ecological environment water consumption. Papers in the study, the use of systems engineering, large systems multi-objective optimization theory, measuring the economic theory of economics and economic predictions, and restoration ecology theory, coordination of water resources systems, can be summarized as \The two flanking three water, the whole to a part of the research method by the local to the overall water resource utilization to do a preliminary study, the research can be summed up in addition to the introduction of 4 parts : the first part : use of inputs to outputs, macroeconomic forecasting, econometrics, system optimization, and statistical analysis methods in the development scale predicted under the precondition of the socio-economic system, to conduct a study on the socio-economic system water demand, the establishment of the socio-economic system itself needs water solving model. Meanwhile, according to the principle of protection of the ecological environment status quo, using the quota method and restoration ecology, environment, ecology and information ecology study on the ecological environment water consumption of the system status, the results of previous studies, the establishment of ecological environment water consumption calculated directly model. This section contains papers Chapters II and III of the content. Part II : the use of large systems multi-objective optimization theory, based on the development of socio-economic system to anticipate trends and ecological environment status quo conditions, the establishment of a system of socio-economic and ecological environment system coordination model, under certain preconditions in the multi-year average total water resources, the The amount of water allocated between the socio-economic and ecological environment system, look for the socio-economic system and the ecological environment water system coordination, and comparative analysis of water to determine the water resources utilization. That is, the contents of Chapter IV of the paper. Part III : select representative inland arid region of Xinjiang to do empirical research, the paper established model of socio-economic system itself water demand, water ecological environment system water consumption, and system coordination is calculated, and the calculation results analysis compare two angles from engineering measures and non-structural measures analysis Xinjiang utilization safeguards to meet the social and economic development needs. Case analysis concluded northwest arid area the sustainable use of water resources, the management has laid a foundation. That is, the contents of the fifth chapter of the thesis. Part IV : summary of the conclusions of the thesis of the proposed areas of future water resources utilization research and breakthrough point.

Mots clés : water resources, inland arid region, available of water resources, system, dynamic programming

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