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Xinjiang Agricultural University (2011)

Research Of Groundwater Control Based On The Inland Arid Region Ecological Security

郭玉川; Guo Yu Chuan

Titre : Research of Groundwater Control Based on the Inland Arid Region Ecological Security

Auteur : 郭玉川; Guo Yu Chuan

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2011

Université : Xinjiang Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
For the inland arid region, the oasis ecological security should include the irrigation of land security, the safety of natural vegetation inside and outside irrigation and water resources safety starting from its natural attributes. To ensure the safety of irrigated land is to make the farmland salinization from harm. Ensureing the safety of natural vegetation is to make the irrigation of natural vegetation from water stress in the maintenance of normal growth. To ensure safety of the oasis is to ensure that the normal of the rivers, lakes and ecological functions of groundwater environment within irrigation. Soil and water resources in irrigated oasis development must take into account water, soil and vegetation bearing threshold, specific performance threshold for the groundwater table. Therefore, the inland groundwater level of ecological security is defined as to sustain the normal growth of an oasis of natural vegetation, to ensure that does not occur Oasis land salinization and desertification, environmental problems. The depth of groundwater table under the oasis ecological security of irrigation can be a specific value, can also be a range. In this interval, the oasis irrigation system has the highest ecological stability and healthy development of the adaptive cycle, deviation from the equilibrium position after a certain period of time can automatically recover, the irrigation ecological environment is in a safe state. Over this range, the stabilityof irrigated environment is destructed, and the stability of oasis is threatened.The study area Yanqi Basin is located in the hinterland of Xinjiang, Since the last century since the fifties, because of its large-scale water and soil resources develop, resulting in a larger regional hydrological changes of ecological environment. In this paper, master in the hydrological and ecological problems in Yanqi Basin, through analysis and summary the study area groundwater, salinity, land use, soil salinization evolution in the past 50 years, focus on Pattern of groundwater and salt in response to land use and soil salinization changes, and On this basis, discussed from various angles of reasonable level based on range of ecological security in oasis. To determine the reasonable groundwater control measures under different conditions, in shallow groundwater depth irrigation from low reaches of Kaidu River, we establish a typical test area for groundwater control. Through the monitoring for water balance in this region, we established groundwater numerical model of the typical test area based on Modflow, and analysis the water balance changes from each control programs which based on ecological security stage, through the program selective preference gives the optimal operational optimization of water table control mode.Based on the optimal control model of groundwater from the typical test area, we given the primary regulatory control measures combined with groundwater control division research, and rely on groundwater numerical simulation model in Yanqi basin, to analyze the changes in water use after groundwater control.

Mots clés : Inland arid region; oasis water; groundwater regulation; groundwater numerical model;

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