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Northwest University of Science and Technology (2008)

Agricultural Restructuring and Sustainable Development Research in Semi-Arid Area

Yang Hao

Titre : Agricultural Restructuring and Sustainable Development Research in Semi-Arid Area

Auteur : Yang Hao

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Northwest University of Science and Technology

This paper conducted on-Ningxia Yuanzhou analysis of the local agricultural structure adjustment of status quo, and fully understand the successful experience with the outstanding problems in the rural agricultural restructuring in its change process. Theory and use of agricultural economics, agricultural ecology, explore Yuanzhou Agricultural Structure Adjustment mode and adapt to the development of local agricultural structure, and concluded as follows : (1) The survey area is extremely uneven population structure, male to female ratio 1.2:1 ; over the age of 60 accounted for 12.56%, a very prominent problem of an aging population ; junior high school or higher education accounted for only 31.36% of the total number of the survey, education is low, limiting the development of the regional economy. (2) survey analysis that the structure of agriculture in the area the following characteristics : the proportion of farming in the agricultural structure is too large, resulting in uneven development of rural industrial structure ; in farming Zhongnong, by feeding proportion unreasonable crop area proportion ; single agricultural structure, poor infrastructure, agricultural production by natural factors, especially in dry years, crop yields are extremely low, and seriously affected the normal agricultural production. It should further adjust the structure of local agriculture, strengthen the agricultural infrastructure, and improve the efficiency of agricultural production and the ability to withstand natural disasters. In addition, a disproportionately large share of Abandoned Lands, proposed under the premise of ensuring the safety of agricultural land should rational implementation of forest and grass. (3) through the analysis of the river township farmers ’income structure that labor export has an important role in the region’s economic development, and be able to effectively expand employment opportunities, increase farmers’ income. By gray correlation degree analysis of the main factors affecting the income of the farmers, for farmers to increase the sort of impact factor : migrant income gt ; Other income (self) gt ; aquaculture revenue gt ; farming income gt ; Abandoned grants, first go out workers is closely related with the income of the farmers, the government should take effective measures to pay close attention to labor export program output surplus labor ; Second, the self-employed and farmers income associated degree in second place, indicating the development of non-agricultural industries also increase revenue effective way, the government should support incentives to carry out a variety of business and increased revenue generation channels ; aquaculture associated with the income of the farmers degrees in third place, should make use of the the agricultural restructuring machine, vigorously develop the forage crops, to accommodate livestock quantity-oriented to quality-oriented, commodity-type changes, combined to raise livestock and grazing by natural grazing type culture transformation, the aquaculture industry become a pillar industry of agriculture.

Mots clés : Semiarid area Agricultural structure Economic income Sustainable development

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