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Tongji University (2008)

Urban Forest Planning in Arid Area

宣功巧; Xuan Gong Qiao

Titre : Urban Forest Planning in Arid Area

Auteur : 宣功巧; Xuan Gong Qiao

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Tongji University

As people pay more and more attention to the habitation, urban forest has becoming a new upsurge after the national garden city.In our country,the arid and half arid area accounted for nearly 52.5%.There are rare vegetation and rainfall.People have suffering arid wether and sand storm every year.So it is very urgent to improve the enviroment of the city in the arid area.This paper first analysia the geographical environment in Xinjiang,and combine the cases in and around the world to put forward the main solutions in urban forest planning in arid area. They are arrangement method of urban forest, forest water deprivation planning and helter forest planning.The paper propose principals and solutions which combite defend and treatment in urban forest arrangement .And in brief the arrange should be "arrange with several rings,combine with dot and line,cover with green net".In the study of networking forest and water planning,it is regarded that the importance of water net planning is its conservation, revivification, modification.In order to make the forest net planning effectively,we should grade the water net according to its width and flow.And in the the forest net planning,we Categories the different function of the forest which is beside the waternet.According to that,we make a different planning in different function forest.At last,we put them together,and define them in three patttens.In the shelter forest planning,first we category three kinds of shelter forest to resist the sand.there are farmland shelterbelt, road shelter, Lin urban and rural isolation and Lin precautions sand fixation.The arrangement is from desert to oasis to farmland to city and village.It also put forward fifferent arrangement and vegetation choose in different patterns.Akesu urban forest planning was an example to prove the theory at the end of the thesis.And it introduce networking forest and water planning and shelter forest planning detailedly

Mots clés : Arid area; Urban forest; Arrangement; Networking forest and water; Shelter forest area;

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