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Hebei University (2004)

Study on the Pest Control by Spiders in the Pasture of Arid Area in North Hebei, China

Zhang Yue

Titre : Study on the Pest Control by Spiders in the Pasture of Arid Area in North Hebei, China

Auteur : Zhang Yue

Grade : Master’s Theses 2004

Université : Hebei University

The research topics from Hebei Province Natural Science Foundation of arid zone pasture spider community of northern Hebei Province, and the control of major pests, is an important part of the project. This article provides an overview of the course of development of the domestic and foreign agricultural pest control, and current research progress, gave a brief introduction and summary of predatory behavior of the natural enemies of pests. The comprehensive management of agricultural pests, an overview of the use of natural enemies of spider comprehensive prevention and control of biological development strategy. Spiders are an important class of natural enemies of agricultural pests animal species and the occurrence of volume ranking first of all kinds of predatory enemies, pests occurrence and development plays an important inhibition. 2002 to 2003, we conducted on the the of forage cultivation area and the various types of forage fence of the arid zone of northern Hebei qualitative and quantitative surveys. Starting from the interaction between the pasture - pests - spider \ecology and computer science, and other fields of knowledge and technology, investigation and analysis of different environmental conditions, the species composition of the dominant species of spider community in the area of ??the different varieties of grass to harm the grass to major pests and spider feeding situation. Main research content and results are as follows : 1. The survey results show that the region artificial cultivation of the natural enemies of spider species pasture fence and all kinds of natural grassland, arid region of northern Hebei pasture spiders total of 125 species belonging to 16 families. Selected from a field wolf spider (Pardosa agrestis (Wrestring, 1861)), the Star Leopard spiders (Pardosa astrigera, L.Koch 1878), shrubs new garden spider (Neoscona adianta (Walckenaer, 1802)), stripes Crab spider (Xysticus striatipes L Koch, 1870) and prints Theridiidae the (the Theridion impressum L.Koch, 1881) and other kinds of advantages as a study the role of forage spider natural enemies of the representative of species studied the above spider predation pale chest iso the bugs (Polymerus vulneratus), millet edge functionality of the five major pasture pest in plant bug (Lioshyssus hyalinus (Fabricius)) alfalfa plant bugs (Adelphowris linealatus (Goeze)), of the lucorum (Lygus Lucorum Meger-Dür) and northern Chorthippus (Chorthippus hammarstroemi (Mirm)) reaction, prey density, predator density on predatory function. The results show that the field Pardosa pale chest different bugs, the lucorum North and the Chorthippus Star Pardosa on the millet Rhamnomia and lucorum shrubs new garden spider alfalfa plant bugs and lucorum stripes Crab spider pale chest different bugs the the millet Rhamnomia and lucorum, prints Theridiidae alfalfa plant bugs, the millet Rhamnomia, lucorum population has significant control effect. 2.

Mots clés : Pest Control Spider The northern Hebei drought area Pasture

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