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Xinjiang University (2007)

A Study on Urban Spatial Structure in the Arid-Oasis

Xie Xia

Titre : A Study on Urban Spatial Structure in the Arid-Oasis

Auteur : Xie Xia

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Xinjiang University

With the development of urbanization, the expansion of the urban space and the development of the inside structure are accelerated. Based on the evolution of urban space structure, dynamic system and the evaluation of urban space structure efficiency, the paper put forward corresponding measures, in order to improve the urban competitiveness and realize the goal of sustainable development of the city.First, the paper introduced the connotation, constitution and characteristic of urban spatial structure, according to the content of this research, the paper divided the urban spatial structure into two parts. Finally, proposed this research goal, the significance, and summarized the research area survey.Second, the paper extracted Remote Sensing Image information of Urumqi, and studied the status of space evolvement in different developing stages of Urumqi spatial structure. The characteristic of urban land use expansion in Urumqi are speed alternation in temporal and axial–like expansion in spatial.Third, the paper utilized the qualitative and quantitative methods, analyzed all kinds of the factors which influenced the the expansion of the urban space. It can be seen that there are high relevance between the social economy factor and the urban space expansion.Fourth, the paper utilized coordination degree model, evaluated the urban spatial structure efficiency of Urumqi, processed massive data, and calculated the coordination degree of urban spatial structure in Urumqi is 0.520. Urumqi is at the basic coordinated condition.Finally, the paper has put forward the goals, principles and countermeasures of the optimization in Urumqi city.

Mots clés : Urumqi Urban spatial structure Evolution Dynamic system Coordination degree

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