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Northwest University of Science and Technology (2006)

Winter Wheat "Water-Arid Massed Selection" and Genetic Correlation Analysis of Agronomic Traits

高海涛; Gao Hai Tao

Titre : Winter Wheat "Water-Arid Massed Selection" and Genetic Correlation Analysis of Agronomic Traits

Auteur : 高海涛; Gao Hai Tao

Grade : Master’s Theses 2006

Université : Northwest University of Science and Technology

The wheat is our country important grain crops, but because of water scarcity and uneven distribution of rainfall year to the next, drought-resistance and water saving trait of the variety have become the major performance problems of the breeding work. Predecessor’s once has conducted the massive beneficial research to wheat’s drought-resistant trait, but drought conditions are mostly confined to a single study. In 1981 CIMMYT proposed“a cross-selection of Water-arid”, and innovatively would take the breeding methods of yielding ability and the drought-resistance together. In 1983 later ,some breeding units from the law started for dry-land wheat breeding from this law to use, for example, in 1996 Yan Tai Institute of Agricultural Sciences used Water-arid breeding law to Lumai 21,and in 1999 Shan Xi Institute of Foxtail-millet Sciences to use Water-arid breeding law to nurture Jinmai 63 and so on. However, the method of choice generation and the choice environment arrangement had not been studied on the system, and even the main agronomic traits in different environments and with the legacy of resistance to the law, no one involved in the study.In wheat new variety selective breeding of drought ,high-yield and stability, the author absorbing the domestic and foreign breeding experience in the foundation, unifies own breeding to realize, gradually has formed a set of new breeding methods — Water-arid Massed Selection. Using the way of water and arid hybrid, early water and arid mass selection, water and arid parallel identification, under the change of plant conditions. Simultaneously aiming at the wheat breeding Water-arid Massed Selection, using wheat varieties with different types of ecosystems, and establishing three kinds of environment of the water, the arid-land single choice field and the experimental arid-land, separately studied the main agronomic traits with drought-resistance, the Correlation dependence of corresponding character and the character heritability. The results show that :1.The correlations between drought-resistant &ears per ha, drought-resistant &secondary roots of plants in non-irrigated trial fields are positive, respectively ; the correlations between drought-resistant & economic coefficient , drought-resistant &plant height in non-irrigated trial fields are much more positive ; the correlations between drought-resistant & bottom sterility small ears is remarkably negative ; the correlation between drought-resistant &agricultural characters full irrigated field is not obvious. 2. Based on wheat breeding purpose, main character selection of full irrigated land was 1000-grain weight single plant ears, ear length and plant weight. main character selection of non-irrigated land was 1000-grain weight, ear length and single plant secondary root.3.Genetic power under different conditions was different. Ear length, plant weight. 1000-giain weight, bottom sterility small ears have double choice. They were easy for early era to have double choice, the others are drought top sterility small ear : single secondary foot and main stem small ears, main stem ears of irrigated land, but it’s not suitable for single ears, single plant yield to have early choice

Mots clés : arid-wheat; Water-arid Massed Selection; Genetic correlation analysis of agronomic traits;

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