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Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (2007)

Ecological Design Studies of Living Environment in Northwest Arid Area City

李晓辉; Li Xiao Hui

Titre : Ecological Design Studies of Living Environment in Northwest Arid Area City

Auteur : 李晓辉; Li Xiao Hui

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Residential environment is not only the city’s important component, but also related to the quality of people’s life directly. With the improvement of people’s living standard of our country, the demand for resident experienced the change from seeking for satisfying basal resident need to running after healthy, comfortable as well as satisfying people’s spirit needs. The environment in the Northwest part of our country is fragile. In arid regions the construction of residential environment had prevailing low green environment density, high Building density and low quality of the residential environment. Ecological environment hasn’t been paid enough attention to. So discuss the construction of sustainable development in residential environment, applying ecology principles, has important practical significance.This paper was designed to study the eco-design of residential environment in Northwest region, based on application of literature research, field visits and empirical research as well as analysis methods to propose appropriate design principles and discuss the sustainable development of countermeasures. Using environmental ecology, environmental psychology and other disciplines relevant research results, focus from urban planning point of the Northwest arid areas’ specific natural conditions, economic conditions and social status of a detailed and in-depth analysis. Explore the arid regions in Northwest China urban settlements, in order to reduce the destruction of natural ecosystems settlements and enhance the capacity of self-renewal and self-sustaining settlements, creating a harmonious coexistence of the natural and human environment as well as high quality of residential environment. Finally, promote a virtuous circle between people and environment. Results for the construction of urban habitation in arid regions in Northwest China have the theoretical and practical values

Mots clés : urban settlements; residential environment; ecological design; arid NW region;

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