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Xinjiang Agricultural University (2006)

A Study on Initial Allocation of Continental River Water-taking Right in Arid Area

郑剑锋;Zheng Jian Feng

Titre : A Study on Initial Allocation of Continental River Water-taking Right in Arid Area

Auteur : 郑剑锋;Zheng Jian Feng

Grade : Master’s Theses 2006

Université : Xinjiang Agricultural University

In arid area,light period is long,temperature varies greatly between day and night,rain fall is little and evaporation is more.As a result, water resources is not enough in arid area.Since the 1940s,with the rapid development of agriculture and industry,the scale of water resources using become wide, which make economic development of agriculture and industry,but these also result in a series of environment problems.How harmonize using of water resources , environment and economic development is becoming a urgent task.Optimizing the allocation of water resources through market mechanism is the goal of water rights regulation system reformation.So,water resources market should be built in areas where need mostly to be regulated though arid area of china, especially in west,water resouses is very shortage,the problem of water resouses allocation is,water resources market should be built in these areas. it is important to allocate river water resources in these areas.This paper compares the water rights regulation system between China and other countries to analyze the problem existing in the present regional water rights is proved that the basin management based regional water rights system cooperated with macro-control and market operation is scientific and advantageous through the mathematical models describing the water resources conflicts applied with the game theory analysis of property rights. this paper have researched the initial distribution principle and process of water rights and have established a mathematical model which adapted to our country conditions applying several methods such as the fuzzy compound decision,the analytic hierarchy process and the satisfactory decision theory. Taking Manas River as a typical case have done an example analysis adopting rivers of arid area in our country.Apply models of water rights allocation on Manas river and analyzing merit,demerits and scope of application.At last, this paper probe into procedure of water rights allocation on Manas river

Mots clés : continental arid areas; water rights allocation; the game theory; the analytic hierarchy process; the fuzzy compound decision; the satisfactory decision theory; dynamic programming; Manas river;

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