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Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (2009)

Study on the Appropriate Mode and Planning Strategy of the Development of Urbanization of Arid Areas


Titre : Development of Urbanization of Arid Areas

Auteur : Zuo

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

The city is a high degree of openness, a strong dependence of the system, and interactions with the surrounding environment and the regional economy. The urbanization process is not only a population migration, the landscape changes, industry cluster, ecological improvement process is a process of urban development and the surrounding ecological environment between interaction and mutual influence process. Call Package E region is located in Northwestern China, is located in the the Hetao Plain oasis area, west of dust storms in northern source region - one of the Ordos Plateau area and Badain Jaran Desert, south of the Mu Us Desert, the ecological environment is very fragile. Coupled with the environmental pollution caused by the development and utilization of energy and mineral resources, making Hubao E socio-economic system, the contradictions of the system of urbanization and ecological environment system is very prominent. Starting point to study the ecological environment and water resources constraints to the development of the arid zone of urbanization and the development of urbanization in arid area suitable model for the study, using a combination of theoretical research and empirical analysis, development of arid zone towns basic characteristics analytical and synthesis of the mode of development and urbanization reveal Hubao E urbanization development ; through judged on the level of regional ecological security Hubao E, system development trend of economic and social aspects of the evaluation of the driving factors of urbanization and basic feature recognition, Ecological Environment Effects ; Coupling concept in Hubao E urbanization and ecological environment coupled development degree analysis ; explore suitable mode and planning countermeasures of ecological environment and water constraints in Hubao E urbanization development, to seek coordinated development of regional PRED system. This article on the basis of the literature, the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, trying to appropriate for the development of urbanization in arid area path selection study to make some innovative work. Papers innovations include : relevant theoretical research and practical case analysis, reviewed both arid area the Oasis PRED coordination of development mode and saving urbanization mode of urbanization development model ; plain oasis region located in the eastern part of the Loop call package Hubei region urbanization level of development, the level of ecological safety, as well as the two coupling development degree of quantitative analysis, and pointed out that the interaction between urbanization and ecological environment in Hubao E type of coupling and coupling stage, enriching Oasis urbanization theory ; ecological environment and water constraints call Package E region urbanization development appropriate mode and planning strategies can provide a reference for the development of similar regional urbanization.

Mots clés : Arid Zone Urbanization Hubao E region Appropriate mode Planning strategy

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