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Beijing Forestry University (2008)

A Experiment of Improving Seedling Quality for Forestation at Lean Soil and Arid Area

郭红艳 ; Guo Hong Yan

Titre : A Experiment of Improving Seedling Quality for Forestation at Lean Soil and Arid Area

Auteur : 郭红艳 ; Guo Hong Yan

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Beijing Forestry University

The method to improving the quality of forestation generally include○1 fluidized coating method,○2 soaking root,○3 transpiration controlling preparation usage,○4 super-absorbent-polymer application.This paper is researching on how to improving the activity of the seedling before was plannted,and then can growth better and better after plannted in a long time.To explore the collicate liquor’s impact on seedling growth,we choose two common afforestation tree species Robinia pseudoacacia and Juglans regia to be our subjection。Firstly,we configure the choosen material medical to four different concentration, then soaking the seedling’s roots before plannted.the purpose is to study the seedling’s growth and under water stress,their reflection.secondly,summarize which concentration is zhe best,and the difference between the two tree species.the result indicate that not all the dispose has the obverse effect,and exit diversity amone different trees.through nearly three mounths’growth measurement:the Robinia pseudoacacia’s increment of leaf area and diameter have the same currence,The result is C>B>A>D>CK,and the same to the root,the height’s currence is B>C>D>A>CK,the four disposal are all better than the antitheses ;the Juglans regia’s increment of leaf area, diameter, height’s currence are as follows : B>A>CK>C>D, B>CK>A>D>C, A>CK>B>C>D ; The variance analysis and The result of multiple comparisons shows that ever disposal has distinct compose with the Trees plannted in field, the former’s growth index are higher than the latter’s,t he reson is the former has abundance soil water,which indected that the soil water is a key factor in difficult plot. we believe that to improve the quality of forestation in difficult plot,one importment measurement is to ameliorate the small environment of the plannted tree. in the anaphase experimentation, we stop the water supply,and measure the leaf water potent RWC ,WSD and water loss rate of cutting leaves of Robinia pseudoacacia and Juglans regia,and the dural changes of Transpiration rate and stomatal conductance,which has the same result as the prophase experimentation.toward the Robinia pseudoacacia,exclude the material e use the B’s,others are use the C’s, about the Juglans regia, the material b use the A’s, the material c and d use the B’s,adjust the quantity of material a and e,just as choose their average,to control the cost.though calculate,when we plannted 1,500 trees,the cost of disposal A,B,C,D is 12.40 RMB,20.88 RMB,33.99RMB,42.58RMB.The result of this research are the Robinia pseudoacacia’s cost is 27.44 RMB, the Juglans regia’s cost is 17.54 RMB

Mots clés : Lean soil and arid area; Seedling; Forestation quality; Concentration; Growth status;

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