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Jilin University (2008)

Research on the Coupling Characteristics of Anti-Erosive Wear of Desert Lizard

Gao Feng

Titre : Research on the Coupling Characteristics of Anti-Erosive Wear of Desert Lizard

Auteur : Gao Feng

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2008

Université : Jilin University

In Nature, organisms achieved the best fit with the environment by the coupling of different systems, characteristics that have different functions. This paper based on the theory of biological coupling and take the typical desert organisms—Laudakin stoliczkana、Phrynocephalus versicolor as the study objects, analyzed the surface morphology,structure and materials which anti-erosive wear of the body parts specifically, researched the coupling mechanism by which realize specific functions , pointed out that typical characteristic of biological coupling included the universality in space and time course, the coupling of multiple components, the complexity of multi-level function.Organisms studied in this paper, the desert lizards anti-erosive wear in the back implemented even completely and parallel through fixed methods of biological coupling by squamas form, multi-storey structure and different materials.Functional principle was putted forward in this paper of the design of coupling bionics, the technical realization line is : functional objects of bionic coupling→elect of typical organisms→analyses the coupling pattern of coupling units→found of biological coupling model→optimize design of coupling.In this Papers, the macro non-smooth appearance, microcosmic morphology, surface multi-storey structure, and material that maked up of the anti-erosive wear of desert lizards’s parts were analyzed comparatively, the force and deformation process of coupling model founded on the basis of analysis of shape, structure, materials that be researched of the two kinds of lizards.In this paper, the comparative study were carried out of the two kinds of lizards by using the German Carl zeiss Ste REO Discovery V12, Japan JEOL JXA-840-scanning electron microscope, biological staining technology, all these research were based on the biology coupling theory.The results of tests showed that Laudakin stoliczkana squamas were reviewed and closely integrated growth on the surface of the skin, multi-layer skin structure and squamas and line up of the squamas formed a shell-shaped complex, the complex was made up of hard keratin shell and internal soft connective tissue filling in the crust.The results showed that the couple of special type of squamas and the micro-structure of Phrynocephalus versicolor, SEM photo showed the micro-decorated structure, and submicron concave on the micro-decorated structure constitutedthe the anti-erosive wear mechanism, strengthened the tolerance capacity of anti-erosive wear in the back especially

Mots clés : Desert lizards Bionic Friction Erosive Wear Orthogonal test

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