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Beijing Forestry University (2008)

Selection and Evaluation on Superior Plant Materials for Drought Resistant and Water-Saving in Beijing

王玉涛;Wang Yu Tao

Titre : Selection and Evaluation on Superior Plant Materials for Drought Resistant and Water-Saving in Beijing

Auteur : 王玉涛;Wang Yu Tao

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2008

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Résumé partiel
Beijing is a city short of water severely. And the water shortage problem will be further deteriorated with the increase of forest and green space cover rates. To solve this problem, it is the key factor to select and apply plant species with characteristics of drought resistance and water-saving in Beijing. In this paper, according to present situation of the green space construction and the shortage of urban water resource in Beijing, the common 63 landscape plant species in Beijing (6 evergreen conifers, 16 deciduous trees, 20 shrubs, 5 wood ground cover plants and 9 herb ground cover plants, 7 climbers) were used to examined their anatomical characteristics (the leaves anatomical structure : thickness of both upper and lower epidermis cuticle, the thickness of both upper and lower epidermis, thickness of leaf, layers and thickness of spongy tissue, layers and thickness of the palisade tissue, width of spongy tissue cell and palisade cell, the ratio of thickness of palisade tissue versus thickness of spongy tissue, cell tense ratio, spongy ratio, stomatal density and size, etc), physiological characteristics (long-term and instantaneous water use efficiency in spring, summer and autumn and relationships betweenδ13C with soil temperature, humidity and the other weather variables) as well as responses of plant seedlings to water stress. Some potentially drought resistant greenism plant species with high ornamental value were selected by multi-objective, multi-plant comprehensive selection, and the indicators of selecting drought resistant and water-saving plants were also evaluated. Evaluation indicator system of Beijing urban landscape plants with characteristics of drought resistance and water-saving was established based on this. Main conclusions are as follows :(1) The differences of drought resistance characteristics among four kinds of greenism plant species were preliminarily identified by analyzing the leaf anatomical indicators. The order of drought resistant capability in evergreen trees was Platycladus orientalis>Sabina chinensis, Pinus tabulaeformis > Pinus bungeana>Pinus armandi>Cedrus deodara ; while, that in the 16 kinds of hardwood plants was S. matsudana f.Umbraculifera>Magnolia denudate, Eucommia ulmoides, Diospyros kaki, Acer truncatum>Sophora japonica, Koelreuteria paniculata, Populus tomentos, Robinia pseudoacacia, Ailanthus altissima, Crataegus pinatifida, Fraxinus chinesis, Tilia mandshurica and Catalpa bungei>Ginkgo biloba and Liriodendron chinense×L.tulipifera ; and the sequence of drought resistant capability for shrubs was Hippophae rhamnoides>groupⅠof shrubs with greater drought resistant capability (Cotinus coggygria, Lonicera maackii, S. leaucopithecia, Sorbaria sorbifola, Syringa oblata, Philadephus pekinensis, Chaenomeles speciosa, Malus‘Red jude’, Amorpha fruticosa, Kerria japonica var.pleniflora, Buddleja lindleyana and Prunus cerasifera f. atropurea)>groupⅡof shrubs with relatively weaker drought resistant capability (Abelia chinensis, Prunus persica f.duplex, Prunus triloba, Weigela coraeensis and Viburnum sargentii)>Euonymus japonicus and Weigela florida cv.Red Prince ; the order in wood cover ground plants was Cotoneaster horizontalis>Ligustrum×vicaryi>Berberis thunbergii cv. Atropurpurea, Caryopteris clandonensis‘Worcester Gold’and Rosa chinensis, and that in herb cover ground plants, Sedum spectabile>Hemerocalis fulva>Tagetes patula and Corepsis grandiflora>Monarda didyma, Veronica didyma, Hosta plantaginea, Orychophragmus viloaceus and Viola philippcia ; in the climbers, Euonymus var.microphyllus>Lonicera japonica, Wisteria sinensis, Campsis radicans>Parthenocissus quinquefolia and Celastrus orbiculatus>Polygonum aubertii.(2) The results inδ13C value of different plants during the 3 different season showed thatδ13C value in evergreen trees differed significantly among tree species and did not vary among seasons ; whileδ13C value in deciduous hardwood trees, shrubs, ground cover and climber plants in spring were greater than that in summer and autumn, and differed significantly among seasons and plant species (except wood ground cover species).

Mots clés : Drought resistance and water-saving leaf anatomical characteristics water use efficiency(WUE) Carbon isotope composition(δ13C) water stress Beijing

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