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Beijing Forestry University (2006)

Study on Executive Mechanism of Policy of Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia

包庆丰;Bao Qing Feng

Titre : Study on Executive Mechanism of Policy of Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia

Auteur : 包庆丰;Bao Qing Feng

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2006

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Résumé partiel
Desertification is ecological disaster, which the global is faced with, and is one of the worst ecological problems at present in our country, developing the research of combating desertification has much vitally actual significance. Through many-year practices, combating desertification has continuously made new breakthrough and accumulated new experiences in technology aspects, in contrast, researches in policies are obviously backward, which shows that researches in natural science aspect are many, and researches in economic and human cultural science aspect are few, researches of combating technologies are many, and researches of macro-strategic policies are few. Human is protectors of the environment, and also destroyers ; is makers of environmental policies, and also executants and restrictors. Therefore, combating desertification must“strictly dominate economic activity of artificial intensity”, handle proper policies、rules of law and measures of administrative management , restrict and change people’s unsuitable behaviors, refrain artificially ecological destroy, and harmonize relationship between people and nature.With the aspect of policy implementation, with the main line of policy executive mechanism, based on comment process analysis and problem diagnosis of policy executive system of combating desertification in Inner Mongolia, this paper carries through economic analysis of model of main policies, and put forward optimum projects of executive model on policies of combating desertification.In research methods, the paper handles analytic method of“four-factor theory”in policy、“diagnostic method of problems”in systems engineering、metric models in economics、diagram methods and methods of empirical research, to carry comprehensively、thoroughly and systematically through multi-angle and multilevel analysis and researches to executive mechanism of policies of combating desertification in Inner Mongolia

Mots clés : Combating Desertification; Policy; Executive Mechanism; Economic analysis

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