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Southwestern University (2006)

Studies on Soil Quality in Rocky Desertification in Guizhou Provience

Luo Hai Bo

Titre : Studies on Soil Quality in Rocky Desertification in Guizhou Provience

Auteur : Luo Hai Bo

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2006

Université : Southwestern University

Karst rocky desertification is aprocesso fland degradation processes correlated with vulnerable eco-geology background and human activities. This study was carried out in Guizhou Province. Guizhou province is located in the center of a wide karst region in southwest of China, which is the largest one in the world. The province is undergoing the process of rocky desertif cation, which is apparent and deteriorating in recent years, The scientific community has paid close attention to the karst region for its unique environment. Early research mainly focused on inorganic natural environment, such as hydrology, geology and geochemistry of the karst area. In the past decades, land degradation in karst area has become more and more serious, even lend to rocky desertification. The fragile ecosystems and human activities in the region attract more and mole attentiongradually. The karst area in the southwestern China is the largest continuous karst zone in the world. Populationpressure and poverty are typical in this area. The economy is in underdevelopment. The ecology is fragile and the land is degrading seriously. Fragile environment, increasing population pressure and continual land degeneration result in the impossibility for some karst area to rely on itg own strength to reform ecology.Karst rocky desertification is a process of land degradation involved rare vegetation covers, serious soil erosion, extensive exposure of basement rocks, drastic decrease in soil productivity, and the appearance of a desert-like landscape. Vegetation covers affect karst rocky desertification. The serious karst rocky desertification results from lower vegetation covers, which pose environmental problems, especially in respect of soil and water loss. Restoration of disturbed karst environments is difficult due to the very fragile environment. Water resource management became increasingly important for sustainable development in these regions.

Mots clés : Karst Rocky desertification soil quality Soil water

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