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Xinjiang University (2004)

Oasis Economy Analysis by Population Resource Environment Economics

蒙永胜; Meng Yong Sheng

Titre : Oasis Economy Analysis by Population Resource Environment Economics

Auteur : 蒙永胜; Meng Yong Sheng

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2004

Université : Xinjiang University

Résumé partiel
Xinjiang as a typical oasis economy always gives us the impression of confliction between nature and mankind, desert and oasis as well. The establishment of scientific development outlook, which mainly acquire sustainable development, gives us a new angle and chance to discuss the relation between oasis and economy, desert and economy. The objective of this dissertation is the study of sustainable development of oasis economy. Through the research into Marxism, which is the theoretical foundation of Population Resource Environment Economics, the dissertation further discusses the content method principle and essence of Population Resource Environment Economics, and gets a clear understanding of these. Then we use the basic principle of Population Resource Environment Economics to analysis economic problems in Xinjiang. In the end, the dissertation puts forward that sustainable development of oasis economy won’t develop without be opened, fourth more the open and the development must be with new connotation, appropriate scale, content and technology of development and opening-up are critical factors for the booming of Xinjiang.The dissertation includes four parts : introduction, theoretical foundation, history of oasis economy and model analysis as well.In the first part, it shows the significance that why to study and the research situation at home and abroad. Then it introduces its research method, intention, main view and deficiency.The second part includes the second chapter and the third chapter ; it shows the basis of theory and principles. The content of the second chapter is the ideology and the core of sustainable development. Sustainable development belongs to Marxism and reforms the traditional economy.In the third chapter, according to Marx’s natural force theory, a point of view is formulated, that is environment can’t create values, but contribute to the forming and transferring of values. Based on it, this chapter advances material compensation and value compensation in three productive departs. This chapter also provides research premise, target and content of the subjection.The third part, history, present and future of Oasis economy, includes the forth and fifth chapter.

Mots clés : Population Resource Environment Economics; Broad Material Goods Reproduction; Oasis Economy Sustainable Development;

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