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Dictionary of Water Engineering

ITDG Publishing,

Auteurs : K. D. Nelson,Charles Kerr et Robert Legg

Publisher : ITDG Publishing, Royaume-Uni
Date : Mars 2003
Pages : 384


The Dictionary of Water Engineering provides an essential, up-to-date and economically priced source of information on all aspects of water engineering and technology. Emphasis is placed on the needs of poorer communities and on the importance of environmental sustainability. The entries cover the many facets of water engineering and technology including : water supplies for urban and rural communities, wastewater systems, water resources, hydrology, irrigation, river improvement, drainage, erosion, groundwater exploration, hydrography, flood protection, hydraulic machines, dams and water power.

The dictionary is designed to meet the needs of engineers, technicians and students throughout the world and all those with a serious interest in water. It is a practical handbook of down-to-earth use for all those involved in sustainable development programmes from planners to field workers.

The key features of the dictionary include : * clear and spacious layout for easy reference and reading * 3500 terms, clearly defined * numerous key terms explained more fully * cross-references to associated and alternative terms * illustrations help clarify more complex terms, equipment and structures

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