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Northwest University of Science and Technology (2009)

Coupling of Agroecosystem and Estimation of "SEREn" Harmonious Development in Mu Us Sandland

胡兵辉;Hu Bing Hui

Titre : Coupling of Agroecosystem and Estimation of "SEREn" Harmonious Development in Mu Us Sandland

Auteur : 胡兵辉;Hu Bing Hui

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2009

Université : Northwest University of Science and Technology

Résumé partiel
Mu Us sandland, a very important ecological barrier and a representative region of coupling development between farming and stockbreeding, locates in the Farming-Pastoral ecotones of north China. Because it locates in forest-grass-desert juncture area, and be affected by the low vegetation coverage, the loose land surface composition, the susceptible human disturbance, and so on, its ecosystem shows the strong frangibility, sensitivity and instability, so the human unreasonable production and management activities easily cause ecological environment degradation rapidly. Thus, it has very important theoretical value and practical significance to research the agroecosystem of Mu Us sandland. This paper, in the 50 years time scale, at the regional, county and indoor domain spatial scale, specially selects Yuyang district in farming-dominant zones and Wushen banner in grazing-dominant zones of Mu Us sandland for the comparative study object, at the same time, uses the study methods of combining regional investigation and field verification, combining qualitative analysis and quantitative study, combining dynamic evaluation and static analysis and combining induction and deduction, and deeply studys the coupling principle and mechanism, coupling environment, coupling effects, harmonious development status in Mu Us sandland coupling agroecosystem, etc, moreover, puts forward the optimization model system and sustainable development mechanism of coupling agroecosystem. The main conclusions of this study are as follows :(1)Before human economic and social activities, through water resource distribution and availability, the grassland, oasis and desert in Mu Us sandland interacted, and then formed a natural coupling ecosystem. The systemic disturbances, agricultural social and economic activities at foundation of human exploitation and utilization natural resources, speeded exchange and circulation of energy flow, material flow and information flow among every agricultural subsystem, consequently, its agriculture and husbandry system, agricultural products processing industry system and outside systems realized coupling. At the same time, on the condition of breaking administrative separatist, ideal coupling pattern of Mu Us sandland agroecosystem is a semienclosed zone spectrum of system coupling, there is a main city group, such as Taole, Yinchuan, Yongning, Lingwu, Yanchi, Dingbian, Jingbian, Hengshan, Yuyang, Shenmu, Fugu, etc. the city group plays a extremely important role of radiating dirve.(2)During near 50 years, the climate of Mu Us sandland tends to more warm and humid gradually, because it has the relative matching light-temperature-water in year, at the time of rationally developing summer crops, this place should develop the planting of artificial grass, accordingly, the advantage of centralized climatic resources in summer and autumn can be used adequately. Though research, we found 6 counties of Mu Us sandland southeastern margin are all highly suitable regions, Shenmu is the best one and Dingbian is the worst one ; all of counties possesses abundant heat and sunlight quantity, but all short of precipitation, Dingbian lacks precipitation badly ; the evaluation result of climatic function is Shenmu>Fugu>Jingbian>Yuyang=Hengshan>Dingbian, totally, the higher climatic function in the northeast and the lower climatic function in southwest of Mu Us sandland. Precipitation is the uppermost restrained factor on exertion of the climatic function of pasture stockbreeding system.(3)The serious contradiction of relationship between human and land is the internal origin, decisive factor and direct driving force of desertification in Mu Us sandland, despite of looking from time and spatial view, the desertification is in the reversed stage wholly. We found, in the desertification natural and social factors, that farmland area, evaporation capacity and strong wind days can cause stronger influence on desertification in Yuyang district than in Wushen banner, the agricultural population, livestock amount and precipitation can cause stonger influence on desertification in Wushen banner than in Yuyang district, and agricultural population is the largest desertification factor in this two counties ; the combined force of human desertification factors increases continuously, moreover, desertification contribution ratio of human factors is larger in Wushen banner than in Yuyang district, so the human factors is the main force that cause desertification in this two counties ; the comprehensive effect of desertification factors banner is more serious in Wushen than in Yuyang district, on a long view, the driving force and the possibility of desertification development are all stronger and higher in Wushen banner than in Yuyang district

Mots clés : agroecosystem; system coupling; harmonious development; Mu Us sandland;

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