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China University (2013)

Optimization Research On Desert Shrub Collecting And Processing Operation System In Biomass Generation

Hu Y Y

Titre : Optimization Research On Desert Shrub Collecting And Processing Operation System In Biomass Generation

Auteur : Hu Y Y

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2013

Université : China University

Résumé partiel
There is plenty of desert shrub at the edge of the desert in north China, which makes a significant sense of protecting local biological environment. being an important growth characteristics, desert shrub must be stumpped during3-5years which could make shrub survive, otherwise desert shrub will die in large area. Because shrub cutting work costs more and yield less profit, only few people are willing to work on this business.Residues of desert shrub after cutting process becomes a kind of good biomass resource. If it can be efficiently utilized, it will bring the users enormous benefit. Meanwhile, utilization of desert shrub can not only create economic profit for enterprises and local farmers but survive the desert shrub which can grow continuously protecting the local environment.In fact, however, such kinds of projects have not gained expected economic benefit, the main reason is high running cost. High cost of shrub cutting, collecting and processing, which results in high cost of running, leads to a higher generation cost,so the generation factory can only supply power to the users at the higher price than current market power price.This paper on optimization of desert shrub collecting and processing operation system will focus on this matter, which will help to find the optimized process path at the least processing cost.In order to improve the process arrangement of processing time and sequence in desert shrub cutting collecting and processing operation, lots of tests have been undertaken on the basis of various testing condition of changing moisture, different environment and different processing ways. As a result, this paper draws a conclusion of defining the start-stop time of processing steps and the framework of process path.In accordance with mechanical system optimization theory and large scale system theory, the analytical and study method-"first to decompose, then to coordinate " is used to solve the problem of process path optimization. Process path optimization contains three steps, firstly, analyzing sub-system function and choosing the equipments ; secondly, giving algorithm designing on process cost of sub-system, thirdly, calculating the case, testing and amending the arithmetic, As a conclusion, we obtain the optimized process path on the condition of the least process cost, meanwhile reform and improve the machines being used.This paper achieves in optimizing the desert shrub cutting collecting and processing operation system. By means of Genetic Algorithm Method and with the help of CAD(Computer Aided Design), the paper analyze all possible process step mixtures and obtain the best process path.Comparing with the optimization conclusions drawn through different methods, we find that the results are unanimous, which testifies that the study is in right direction.Desert shrub collecting and processing optimization is a part of biomass generation system, partial optimization can not support the integrated optimization for the purpose of gaining profit. In the last chapter, an evaluation system on basis of fuzzy evaluation method is established. This evaluation system, particularly including relative evaluation rating criterion, makes the desert shrub collecting and processing system optimization feasible and practical.There are some conclusions in this paper.First, under current conditions of various cost of human resource, equipments and transportation, if we can reduce the cost of desert shrub collecting and processing to reasonable level, we will achieve our goal of gaining profit,Second, the empirical optimized process path can be used by and popularized to more users.

Mots clés : Desert shrub, Biomass Generation, Optimization of Operation System, Biomass Collecting and Processing, Shrub Mechanical Collecting System

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