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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2008)

Studies on Community Dynamics and Sensitivity of Desert Rodent under Different Disturbance

张福顺;Zhang Fu Shun

Titre : Studies on Community Dynamics and Sensitivity of Desert Rodent under Different Disturbance

Auteur : 张福顺;Zhang Fu Shun

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

The dynamic of Rodent community pattern was studied by using mark-recapture methods in typical desert region of Inner Mongolia from 2002 to 2007. At the same time, we studied the variation features of the species diversity and dominants of the community under different disturbance, and the sensitivity reaction of rodent and plant communities to disturbance use PCA .The results were presented as follows :(1) Four types of disturbance were prohibited-grazing area, rotational-grazing area, over-grazing area and farmland area. The capture of rodent community under different disturbance had significant differences between the annual and seasonal, not only capture Situation of the same year in different types of disturbance was different, but the same type of disturbance in different years were different too.(2) The diversity features of the rodents community in four different types of disturbance : the size of species richness was prohibited-grazing area = rotational-grazing area > over-grazing area> farmland area, farmland area was significantly lower than other types of disturbance (P <0.05) ; The Shannon-Weiner and Simpson index were over-grazing area > prohibited-grazing area > rotational-grazing area > farmland area ; The uniformity index was over-grazing area > prohibited-grazing area > farmland area > rotational-grazing area ; The Simpson dominance index was farmland area > rotational-grazing area > prohibited-grazing area > over-grazing area.(3) The dominant species of rodent community were different under different disturbance. Meriones meridianus and Dipus sagitta were the dominant species of prohibited-grazing and over-grazing area, and the dominant species of farmland area were Meriones meridianus and Cricetulus barabensis, the dominant species of rotational-grazing area was only Meriones meridianus.(4) Rodent community diversity was sensitive to the disturbance types of prohibited-grazing , rotational-grazing and farmland ; Meriones meridianus and Spermophilus dauricus were sensitive to various kinds of disturbance which were studied ; Phodopus roborovskii was sensitive to prohibited-grazing , rotational-grazing and over-grazing ; Cricetulus barabensis was sensitive to prohibited-grazing and farmland ; Allactaga sibirica was sensitive to rotational-grazing and farmland ; Dipus sagitta was sensitive to rotational-grazing.(5) Prohibited-grazing had a significant impact on the grass density, diversity and its coverage ; rotational-grazing had impact on shrubs and herbaceous together, but the impact on herbaceous was greater than shrubs ; over-grazing had a greater impact on the cover of shrubs, its density and herbaceous biomass ; farmland had a greater impact on shrubs biomass, herbaceous cover and the diversity of shrubs and herbaceous

Mots clés : Disturbance; Sensitivity; Rodent; Community; PCA(principal component analysis);

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