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Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (2007)

Waterscape Creation in the Wetland of Gobi Oasis

Zhou Zuo

Titre : Waterscape Creation in the Wetland of Gobi Oasis

Auteur : Zhou Zuo

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Water is one of the most valuable city resources for human use, the core content of the water features as the living environment is the most attractive, is also the entry point to improve the living environment. With the accelerated pace of urbanization, the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, landscape design service activities as a way to improve people’s quality of life has been cognition and attention, while waterscape become their primary needs. Wetlands has enormous ecological functions and benefits, but our wetland degradation ubiquitous phenomenon, wetland protection and wetland restoration has increasingly become the focus of many subjects in the study. Gobi oasis nurtured a long history and culture, northwest arid regions populated and important agricultural production areas. Water features create a desert oasis wetland environment is a collection of three water features, wetlands, desert oasis topic. However, China is still a lack of holistic, systematic, logical desert oasis wetlands environment waterscape construction theory, practice, and water features to create the face of the desert oasis wetland environment so severe situation and urgent needs, how to change this situation to explore and research on the theory and practice of it is imminent. In this goal, the use of reference, drawing on comprehensive research method, combined with the actual Yongchang Gobi Wetland Park case, try to explore the ways and means. The text consists of the following five parts : Chapter 1 : Introduction ; discusses the research background of the object, and positioning the contents of the thesis, the theoretical basis of the study, methods and research framework. Chapter II : Gobi Oasis wet ground status quo environment and issues ; desert oasis environment, Gobi Oasis water environment Gobi oasis wetlands environmental characteristics and status quo issues carried statements, summed up the Gobi oasis wetlands environmental characteristics of, Yongchang status quo environment conducted analysis. The Chapter : wetland restoration design process and the Gobi Oasis Waterscape create relevant references ; statement wetland restoration design methods and the actual recovery of Xixi National Wetland Park case, and wetland restoration design method is applied to the analysis Yongchang wetlands. Chapter : Yongchang Gobi Wetland Park water features create, problems and countermeasures ; preparing from the analysis, water features create four aspects of the design process instance the Yongchang Gobi Wetland Park water feature to create a statement. Chapter 5 : Conclusion ; summarized the full text, stressed once again create a few shallow understanding of Gobi Oasis wetlands environment under waterscape.

Mots clés : The desert oasis Wetland restoration Waterscape

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