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Tianjin University (2010)

Study on the Manufacturing of Concrete Aggregates by Using Desert Sand

李振山; Li Zhen Shan

Titre : Study on the Manufacturing of Concrete Aggregates by Using Desert Sand

Auteur : 李振山; Li Zhen Shan

Grade : Master’s Theses 2010

Université : Tianjin University

Tianjin Dagang Oilfield Group recently undertook“Niger Capacity Construction Project”for petroleum exploitation in Niger. The Oil field lie in the hinterland of Sahara Desert , and desolated within 500-600 kilometers, there is no other building material but sand and water, how to make the best of local resources to solve concrete material of project construction is the key factor of whether project construction can be carried out smoothly. The research aims to provide a complete range of concrete making up technology through equipment reform and experimental study for Niger Capacity Construction Project to solve key problem in project construction.In this study, Analyzing the ratio of surface area of the Sahara desert sand ,using test methods to reserch change of the bulk density which in the combinations of different particles, through the experiment,reserch how the mortar mix affects the strength under different amount of cement, then electing the best mortar mix. Reserch the method of the desert sorting by theoretical analysis and the experiment.The results show that:1. The distribution of Sahara sand particle size is non-performing. the sand of large particles (> 0.6mm) content of less small particles (<0.6mm) of sand content, and,no-screening can not be used directly.2. The test results of bulk density show that the terms of 0.6mm as sand screening limits, after screening, the coarse (> 0.6mm) 60%, no screening of the original sand 40%, according to this ratio of mixture the packing density of the sand is the maximum, indicating that it is to create an ideal artificial aggregate gradation.3. Sahara sand particle size distribution varied widely in various locations and different depths, so it is a problem that the choice of the materials field.4. Study the methods of the desert sand separation with theoretical analysis and experimental research, analyze the centrifugation and wind election law, and find that it is difficult for only centrifugal separation to achieve the desired effect, both in combination, better.5. Through the mixture ratio test, determine the variation of the mortar block intensity in the different amount of cement and propose the different intensity levels of mortar mix to manufacture artificial stones

Mots clés : Sahara desert fine sand; particle grading; compressive strength; Voidage; loosen landslide density; specific surface area;

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