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Northwestern University (2010)

A Study on Desert Plant Amygdalus Seed Oil and Its By-products Development

Li Bing

Titre : A Study on Desert Plant Amygdalus Seed Oil and Its By-products Development

Auteur : Li Bing

Grade : Master’s Theses 2010

Université : Northwestern University

Long-handled almond is a suitable sandy cultivation of high-yielding woody oil plants, governance fine species of desert areas and develop new edible vegetable oil. Consumers of edible oil the diversified demand trends, and all kinds of health functions edible oil has become the hot research field. In this study, long-handled flat peach kernel as raw materials, refined preparation of high quality edible oil, diesel and kind of shell in the use of oil extraction to extract the essential oils and the preparation of activated carbon two by-products, in order to achieve a long-handled comprehensive utilization of Almond. The thesis includes the following sections : 1. Literature review of the skillet almond, edible oil, essential oils, and carbon overview. 2 long-handled flat peach kernel component analysis to the analysis and evaluation of the long-handled flat peach kernel general ingredients and vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients. Amygdalin content of the long-handled flat peach kernel using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) were determined and compared with other Rosaceae species of benevolence amygdalin content. The results show that the rich variety of essential water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids ; amygdalin content of 3.73%, skillet the flat peach kernel total sugar content of 8.62%, the crude protein content of 25.2%, crude fat content of 54.10% ; higher than the bitter almond common the Rosaceae plant seeds. Preparation and quality analysis of the long-handled almond oil as raw material to long-handled flat peach kernel, squeezing prepared skillet the almond crude oil. The results showed that the the skillet mandelic crude oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, but the acid value of 5.5-5.7 mgKOH / g, peroxide value of 0.33-0.36 g/100g edible vegetable oils are slightly higher than health standards. The price of the skillet the almond crude oil further the refined oil refining prepared acid 0.1-0.2 mgKOH / g, peroxide value of 0.04-0.05 g/100g meet the hygienic standard of edible vegetable oil ; unsaturated fatty acid content of 97.20% ; vitamin E total amount of 270.5 mg / kg ; total arsenic, lead, aflatoxin B1 and other health indicators are in line with the hygienic standard of edible vegetable oil ; acute toxicity test initially identified food safety. Skillet the mandelic refined oil is expected to develop new high-quality edible oil. 4. Skillet almond essential oil components to the skillet almond oil residue as raw materials, direct hydrolysis and acid hydrolysis method were used to obtain long-handled flat peach kernel oil, and further by gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to its components. for analysis. Long-handled almond shell as raw material, the experimental analysis of essential oil components extracted skillet almond shell. The results show that long-handled flat the peach kernel essential oils and the skillet almond shell oil detected active ingredients of hydrocyanic acid, benzaldehyde, laid the foundation for the subsequent biological activity of. 5. Skillet almond shell activated carbon preparation and performance evaluation of effects of zinc chloride activation Preparation of long-handled almond shell activated carbon process conditions, and to study its structure and decolorization performance. The results showed that the optimum conditions for zinc chloride solution mass fraction of 50%, the activation temperature of 600 ° C, and the activation time of 90 min. Activated carbon under this condition was 44.76%, the iodine adsorption value of 883.78 mg / g, methylene blue adsorption value of 165 mg / g, meet or exceed national standards for quality requirements. The activated carbon 77 K nitrogen adsorption isotherm is the (II) type of adsorption isotherm, a specific surface area of ??1633.08 m2 / g, the cumulative pore volume was 2.53 mL / g, and average pore diameter of 9.68 nm. Trace Elements in the order Zn gt ; the of Na gt ; Mg gt ; K gt ; of Ca gt ; P were not detected in Mn, Cd, As, Pb, and other harmful elements. Homemade dyeing wastewater decolorization rate reached 99.57%. Skillet almond shell is one of the ideal raw material for the preparation of high quality activated carbon.

Mots clés : Psammophytes Long-handled mandelic Seed oil Essential oils Activated Carbon

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