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Xinjiang Normal University (2009)

A Study on the Land-Use/Cover Change Based on the RS and GIS in Takeermohuer Desert and Oasis Interlaced Zone in Ili

刘巍;Liu Wei

Titre : A Study on the Land-Use/Cover Change Based on the RS and GIS in Takeermohuer Desert and Oasis Interlaced Zone in Ili

Auteur : 刘巍;Liu Wei

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Xinjiang Normal University

Inland river basin is threaten by the wind and the desertification in Arid area.The ecological environment is fragile. In recent years, due to the rapid increase in population, the impact of human activities become increasingly intensive and these exacerbated the vulnerability of the ecological environment.Therefore,land-use/cover change is a concentrated expression of human activity. Therefore, land-use/cover change on the ecological environment in arid areas will have far-reaching impact. Land-use/cover change is an important aspect of international land-use/cover change research. Comprehensive and objective reflection of the process of land-use/cover change is in favor of a correct understanding of the current land-use/cover which is reasonable or not and provides a basis to the rational use of the arid land. Remote sensing provides tremendous source of information and GIS technology provides powerful data-processing、spatial analysis and other functions. Combination of the two has the unmatched advantages from the traditional methods . They have short cycle、high precision and low cost features. They play a significant role in land-use/cover change research. Based on Basic data,RS and GIS,Conclusions are as follows :⑴The study area is typical of arid and semi-arid agriculture in the region, highlighting the advantages of agricultural land and the proportion of sand, and lack of land resources.⑵As a result of human land use intensity increase gradually and the steady decline in the reserve land resources, resulting in sand and bare land late decrease strongly variable ; After 1990s the implementation of West Development Strategy leads to the quickly growth of cities and mining transportation land.⑶Countryside residential area is a focal point area in reaseach. And the tendency of main land-change are farmland increasing and the reduction of sand and lawn.⑷The land-use/cover change area is 36131.56 hectares,which accounts for 33.56% in study area during the period 1975-2006 . the main area which changes is agricultural land, grassland with low coverage, high coverage of grass and sand.. The main changed direction is as follows : sand is transformed to farmland ; low coverage lawn is transformed to farmland ; high coverage of lawn is transformed to farmland and farmland is transformed to countryside residential area .After analysis, we have found that the changes of the area type relatively concentrates close to the oasis and desert areas, especially the part around rivers which divises sand. It is shown that human activity has a development characteristic of along the waters, and also highlights the Water resources is the constraints of the oasis formation

Mots clés : Remote sensing Geographic Information Systems The Ili Tucker Guillermo nearly Seoul desert oasis ecotone Land use / cover change

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