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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2009)

The Experiment on the Livestock Management Mode of Household Ranch in Desert Steppe

Zhang Min

Titre : The Experiment on the Livestock Management Mode of Household Ranch in Desert Steppe

Auteur : Zhang Min

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

In order to discussion the suitable household farm management mode, selected experimental group and control group with 3 households each to test the animal performance and economic in desert steppe in Inner Mongolia. We carried out the traditional management mode in control group and summer grazing with winter greenhouse feeding in experimental group. The result shows as follows:During the pen feeding the experiment and control’s livestock have differences in body weight change, pen feeding have a good effect to the livestock fat off in winter , during the laming time in December to March , the average live weight of the control farm fat off higher than experiment farm is 1.87kg, through pen feeding the average daily gain of experiment farm higher than the control farm is 29.2g/d.Different ages sheep have different effect in Pen feeding, during the pen feeding, compared with the experimental sheep, the control sheep less weight 11.3g / d, 28.5g / d, 19.8g / d, 22.1g / d.During the pen feeding experimental and control groups of the body condition of livestock, there was a significant differences, the livestock of experimental group body condition was significantly higher than controlFrom the animal of energy demand we can see, in winter pen feeding can provide sufficient energy to ensure that the energy needs of livestock, it is helpful to growth of livestock.Improve the grassland yield, the result can shows, compare grazing all the year and pen feeding, grassland primary productivity have difference, the experiment farm‘s grassland yield and control farm’s have Significant difference.Through the experiment farm’s optimal management economic benefit increased, in the condition of reduce livestock’s number, pen feeding in winter, experiment farm’s net income and the control’s farm basically maintain the same level ,comparing the last year income increased by 20%.

Mots clés : household weight gain energy Pen feeding

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