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Chang’an University (1999)

Desert areas subgrade and pavement construction study

Zhang Sheng Hui

Titre : Desert areas subgrade and pavement construction study

Auteur : Zhang Sheng Hui

Grade : Master’s Theses 2005

Université : Chang’an University

This paper studies the physical characteristic of the wind-blown sand and its compacting specific property as a filling material, and puts forward to the test method for maximum dry density of the wind-blown sand by dry vibrating, as well as the construction and the quality control measures of three stabilizing methods for filling subgrade with the wind-blown sand (ie watering compact method, geotextile method and layer-wise vibrating method). And the subgrade resilience modulus which should be retested by cutting hole after construction in the base in the desert area is measured. At the same time, the subgrade resilience modulus from different construction methods is given. According to the laboratory tests, seven half-rigid base materials with high strength, big rigidity, good resistance dry shrinkage and resistance thermal contraction are obtained, ie powder low liqid limit clay with low plastic index (IP lt ; 7) by lime stabilzation (as the subbase), stabilizd soil by lime and fly ash, stabilized sand by lime and fly ash, stabilized sand by stabilizer, stabilzed powder sand by stabilizer and fly ash, stabilzed soil ty stabilizer, stabilized sand by cement and fly ash (as the base). The structure of the pavement is asphalt macadam O.5cm sand asphalt. And the test section is constructed in Mao Wusu Desert, whose performances such as subgrade stability and pavement evenness are good. therefore, the measures for subgrade protection and sand prevention reforcement are feasible and they can achieve the desired results

Mots clés : Desert Highway Wind-blown Sand Layer-wise Dry Vibrating Method Stabilized sand Stabilized Soil resistance Dry Shrinkage and Thermal Contraction Sand Prevention reforcement

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