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Xinjiang University (2002)

Extracting Precaution Line of the Oasis-Desert Transition Belt Based on "3S" Techniques


Titre : Extracting Precaution Line of the Oasis-Desert Transition Belt Based on "3S" Techniques

Auteur : Liu Chuan Sheng

Université : Xinjiang University

Grade : Master 2002

Oasis is a basic place to maintain human survival and development of the arid region, and the formation of the unity of opposites and desertification contradiction. Between the desert and the oasis of vegetation with the transition zone is the most sensitive and complete record of the interaction between these two ecosystems into each other. In-depth study of this special zone environment evolution, characteristics and formation mechanism has important practical significance to reveal the ecological essence, maintenance and development of the oasis. Yutian County is located in the heart of the intersection of the northeasterly and northwesterly wind by quicksand erosion hazard is very serious, very harsh natural conditions, the ecological environment is very fragile, and the living environment of the people has been a great threat. Select the region as a research focus on how to solve the problem of ecological environment protection and development of the Western Drought, no doubt, is the most typical example. , Yutian County is one of the 20 poverty-stricken counties in China, the study focused on here, provide strong support for the Government’s economic development strategic plan and decision-making, help the local people out of poverty as soon as possible, to prosperity. In this paper, the use of existing equipment and field observation site for detailed observation of Hotan Oasis image library and vector database based on the use of GPS technology to obtain precise coordinates field trips samples and images superimposed with the period of the study area, the image the maximum likelihood method of supervised classification and the classification results into the GIS software processing, a comprehensive analysis of 1976-2001 the oasis in the number of land cover types, quality and space changes. Combined over the years, results of fieldwork, research from the point of view of both natural and human environment of the oasis in the past 25 years the degree of change and desertification, according to the coupling mechanism between the various factors within the ecosystem and Oasis desert ecosystem to extract the oasis - desert transitional changes in the ecological environment early warning line. Combined with actual changes in the natural environment and the socio-economic situation of the study area, verify the role of early warning line positioning fragile ecological environment in space and predict environmental changes, this is a new use of 3S Technology in Western Arid Zone Research, also The innovation of this paper and research priorities. Geospatial display through early warning line, you can change the overall trend of the period of the study area ecological environment and local changes have visual awareness, and thus it is possible to analyze future ecological changes in the environment of the study area in accordance with the changes of the early warning line . The end of the article using the extracted warning line constructive suggestions in the next 5-10 years in Yutian Oasis - Desert Ecotone possible development trends, and the local ecological maintenance and social and economic planning. The results of this study and the technical processes of the Western Drought oasis future changes in the ecological environment, regulation and management and sustainable development of the theory and practice reference value.

Mots clés : 3S technology Oasis - Desert Ecotone Land cover Early warning line

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