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Arid Cluster Website

Arid Cluster Website

European Commission

- ARID is a cluster of European Commission (EC) under the FP5 projects dealing with water resources use and management in arid and semi-arid regions.

- The ARID cluster operates by linking thematically complementary projects via

  • (a) project web pages ;
  • (b) cross-representation ;
  • (c) exchange of data ;
  • (d) joint meetings ;
  • (e) workshops.

- The ARID cluster includes three research projects on integrated and sustainable Water Resources Management :

  • WaterStrategyMan (Developing Strategies for Regulating and Managing Water Resources and Demand in Water Deficient Regions)
  • Medis(Towards Sustainable Water Use on Mediterranean Islands : Addressing Conflicting Demands and Varying Hydrological, Social and Economic Conditions)
  • Aquadapt(Strategic Tools to Support Adaptive, Integrated Water Resource Management under Changing Utilisation Conditions at Catchment Level : A Coevolutionary Approach)

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