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Beijing Forestry University (2004)

Studies on Ecomat Used in Fathering Desert in Beijing

Jiang Xin Fu

Titre : Studies on Ecomat Used in Fathering Desert in Beijing

Auteur : Jiang Xin Fu

Grade : Master’s Theses 2004

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Ecomat, as a new cover product, is made of rejectamenta of palm. It could hinder grass, fix sand, conserve water, prohibit wind, and improve soil nutrient content if planting sites are mulched with ecomat. This study was to verify the role of ecomat in fathering desert at initial stage in Beijing through the contrast study of soil physical and chemical qualities and tree growth indices between with ecomat and without ecomat. Results show that ecomat not only affected soil physio-chemical qualities but also plant growth. With ecomat, soil water content was 17.4% higher in the soil layer of 0-20cm and 8.9% higher in the soil layer of 20-40cm. Soil initial infiltration rate increased significantly and kept stable. Soil temperature was 2.4% lower in summer and 56.3% higher in winter. Because of incomplete decomposition of ecomat in the 1st year after mulching, soil texture did not change much and the amount of soil microbe decreased obviously. Ecomat can control weed effectively. The biomass of weed was 99.8% lower than contrast and species richness decreased 53.8%. Furthermore, ecomat can increase the photo synthetic rate and transpiration rate of Panicled Goldraintree koelreuteha paniculata.In forestation practice, mulching should be carried out while planting. Mulching in early summer is advantageous to hinder weeds. Ecomat can also decrease the possibility of landslide at vulnerable places. However, ecomat fireproofing measures have to be taken in dry seasons.

Mots clés : Mulching materials Ecology mat Desert fathering Soil physical and chemical qualities Water conservation Tree

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