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Gansu Agricultural University (2007)

Study on Application of the Eco-mat in Harness Desert

张梅花; Zhang Mei Hua

Titre : Study on Application of the Eco-mat in Harness Desert

Auteur : 张梅花; Zhang Mei Hua

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

Eco-mat is a new type mulching products coming from Malaysia’s ; it is a pure natural plant product and can be degraded. Its shape is like straw mat. This product is first application in Controlling Moving Sandy Dune in north part of China. The main purpose of this paper is to research the effects of Eco-mat mulching desert sands on soil moisture content, soil temperature and the growth status of Haloxylon Haloxylon ammodendron. Comparing the differences on the physical properties of soil and the tree growth and photosynthetic parameters, the results were as following:The results indicate that the plantation mulched with Eco-mat have benefits to self–restraint soil moisture content. Regardless of each soil depth, soil moisture content after mulching is higher than the comparison, 20 40cm and 40 60cm are the place in which soil moisture content increased mostly. From April to November, the soil average moisture content after mulching with Eco-mat is 1.96% in 20 40cm, compared with check soil moisture content is 0.71% higher (relatively ratio 57%) ; Between 40 and 60cm, the soil average moisture content is 2.18%, compared with check its 0.80% higher (relatively ratio 58%).Observed from the annual soil moisture content, mulching Eco-mat can increase the moving dune 0 60cm soil moisture content, comparing with check its soil moisture enhanced 14% in 0 20cm, 56% in 20 40cm, 58% in 40 60cm. Results show that after mulching the soil is favor of enhancing the arid area survival rate and promoting the growth of trees.The Eco-mat has the function to decrease surface soil temperature, which may reduce the surface layer daily temperature 14.27℃in high temperature season, but it has the function of heat preservation to10cm below. Mulching Eco-mat can not only reduce the different soil layer temperature for whole-day and narrow the temperature gaps between each soil layer. Especially in 0 10cm soil temperature changes are smaller, so it can provide a stable soil temperature environment for arboreal growth. It was advantageous to each kind of microorganism and animal’s activity in soil ; it was advantageous to the root system growth and provided a good environment for the seedling growth.Mulching with Eco-mat can accelerate the photosynthesis rate of Haloxylon ammodendron. Observed the photosynthesis rate of Haloxylon ammodendron from 8:00 to 20:00, we can find the daily photosynthesis rate of Haloxylon ammodendron is 1.04μmol·m-2·s-1, but the check is 0.70μmol·m-2·s-1. The photosynthesis rate of mulching Eco-mat is 0.34μmol·m-2·s-1 higher than check, the relative enhancement rate is 49%. By determining the transpiration speed, we find after mulching Eco-mat increasing the daily transpiration rate of Haloxylon ammodendron in the moving dune. As a result mulching Eco-mat have influences on the photosynthesis rate of Haloxylon ammodendron and the transpiration rate which is caused by soil warm humidity changed after soil mulching Eco-mat.After mulching Eco-mat for 2 years, the Haloxylon ammodendron equally diameter is 0.96cm, but the diameter of check is 0.62 cm, the diameter of mulching Eco-mat is 0.34cm higher than check. Tree height growth of Haloxylon ammodendron is 59cm per year, but the check is 38cm, the tree height of mulching Eco-mat is 21cm higher than check. Obviously, mulching Eco-mat can promote the diameter and the height growth of Haloxylon ammodendron.The distribution of two treatments root have the same rule, the horzortal distribution of root is almost concentrated on the place 20cm from trunk of tree, the vertical distibution is the 40cm depth. The fine root density of Haloxylon ammodendron mulching with Eco-mat is 72.32g/m3 in this place, which is 57.19g/m3 higher than check. In the 40cm place from trunk of tree, the root density is relative smaller.Mulching with Eco-mat enhanced the survival rate of trees, the moving dune mulching with Eco-mat the survival rate of Haloxylon ammodendron is 84.9%. The survival rate of check is 51.3%. The survival rate of mulching Eco-mat is higher than check (relative increasing rate is 66%).After mulching with Eco-mat the mean sand dune movement rate is reduced. Mulching Eco-mat at the windward of barchan, the moving amount of dune only occupies 36.9% against the windward without mulching

Mots clés : Eco-mat; mulching; soil moisture content; soil temperature;

Présentation (CNKI)

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