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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2008)

Ecological Benefit Evaluation of Grassland Desertification Control Project

Wang Qiu Ju

Titre : Ecological Benefit Evaluation of Grassland Desertification Control Project

Auteur : Wang Qiu Ju

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Résumé partiel
In order to effectively curb the trend of desertification of grassland, the country, the government has launched a series of grassland desertification control project aimed at the construction of the project, increasing vegetation cover, sand ended desert, and improve the grassland environment. However, on the construction progress of the project and the project benefit is not clear. Because the most direct, the most significant benefits of eco-efficiency, grassland desertification control project to establish a practical evaluation index system of ecological benefits of grassland desertification control project is much-needed and necessary out. In this paper, the index system of vegetation - Aeolian Activities - soil \land ratios, flow sand fragmentation, soil erosion modulus, soil organic matter, soil mechanical composition, soil crusts 13 indicators, Analytic Hierarchy Process, with the technology of remote sensing, geographic information systems and landscape of grassland desertification governance works The eco-efficiency evaluation. Grassland desertification control project calculated the ecological benefit evaluation system weights the results can be seen, the criteria layer vegetation weight of the share value, the vegetation is the essence of engineering ecological benefits, an important component of the ecological benefits of grassland desertification control project part ; followed by sand activities. Index layer vegetation coverage, aboveground biomass, and the proportion of fixed sandy weight significantly greater than other indicators, can be considered to affect the evaluation of the important indicators of the ecological benefit of grassland desertification control project. Purpose and background of grassland desertification control project fits with our implementation, the analysis results with the actual situation in China is basically the same, the evaluation index system is accurate, credible and practical. Therefore, more objective evaluation method and evaluation index system of eco-efficiency of the sets of grassland desertification control projects reflect the effects of construction projects. The results showed that the vegetation cover of the project area through the analysis and comparison of the 2001 aerial seeding is bounded by the Xianghuangqi the northern Wengong Do Lassou wood engineering, aerial seeding project in 2004 and 2004, the three works Enclosure and Forestation Project eco-efficiency indicators , aboveground biomass, vegetation height, vegetation indicators are significantly higher than the project outside freely grazing land, and vegetation restoration, control of the surface of the sand activities, prior to the implementation of the project, an increase in the proportion of fixed sandy flow of sand The manner in reducing the proportion of. Another the fixed sandy landscape fragmentation in reduced liquidity sandy landscape fragmentation at elevated, indicating the type of large-scale mobile sandy landscape plaques gradually other landscape elements types (mainly semi-fixed dune landscape and fixed Saudi landscape) split, erode, the number of patches increased in size quickly reduce. The fixed sandy patches in decline, gradually to integrate National Cheng Kung University plaques composed of many small patches, and the area is also increasing rapidly. Grassland desertification control project area vegetation cover, ground biomass, height increase, it would also lead to the improvement of the soil physical and chemical properties of the area covered by the vegetation, such as soil organic matter increased sand increase in the proportion of soil crust appears and so on.

Mots clés : Grassland desertification Treatment project TM data Ecological benefits Evaluate

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