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Guizhou Normal (2008)

Researches on Home-garden Eco-economy Optimization and Intergrated Controlling of the Soil Erosion and Rock Desertification

Cui Zhang Ling

Titre : Researches on Home-garden Eco-economy Optimization and Intergrated Controlling of the Soil Erosion and Rock Desertification

Auteur : Cui Zhang Ling

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Guizhou Normal University

Résumé partiel
Ecological management of karst areas face a natural, economic and social complex system, ecological treatment must be combined with economic development, synchronization to solve the ecological environment and poverty issues, and the garden is a small eco-economic sustainable development of eco-efficient agriculture mode, set a good ecological benefits, economic benefits, social benefits in one, is one of the effective ecological management mode, and has become a necessary link. Karst ecological governance regional ecological environment resources, the special nature of the social and economic resources, the construction of the garden ecological and economic significance, conditions, methods, models and other regions is different, therefore, to combine regional ecological environmental characteristics, resource conditions, production supporting facilities, and policy background to enhance the combination of reunification of the Garden Ecological Economy Garden Ecological economic structure, focusing on the configuration of the vertical structure of the cultivated plant communities, the livestock populations vertical configuration, including biology, engineering, farming, management and community development more kinds of technical measures to scientific combination of biogas utilization between rural recycling economy of the major aspects of ecological agriculture development mode courtyard planting, breeding, and rural energy construction, form a diversified agricultural economy industrial system. Propose suitable for the environmental characteristics of karst rocky desertification has significant ecological and economic benefits Garden Ecological Economy optimization mode, give full play to the function of the ecological economic system as a whole, karst soil erosion and rocky prevention ecological - economic win-win goal. The study combined with various types of soil erosion and rocky prevention research projects, selected five typical representative karst demonstration area of ??study - located in the Wujiang River, the middle and lower reaches represent the warm and cool spring and dry summer, wet the karst mountain plateau ecological environment Bijie Duck Pond demonstration area, representing a mild spring and semi-wet Kasiteqiu original basin ecological environment Zunyi, Long Ping Demonstration Zone, on behalf of the warm spring and summer semi-wet karst low mountain valley ecological environment along the river Ki Beach demonstration area, as well as representing the the ecological environment of the mild the Spring Semi summer wet Kasiteqiu original basin Qingzhen the Hongfeng Lake demonstration area and on behalf of the dry heat Karst Plateau Canyon ecological environment Huajiang Guanling - Zhenfeng Huajiang demonstration area. Through field survey of more than five demonstration area ecological environment, socio-economic, typical farmers participate in resource conditions and external integration demonstration area resources, combined with soil erosion and rocky prevention projects use government experts Corporation farmers (Association) runs and participation of rural communities means of development, the structure of the ecological economic system of the Garden Ecological Economy 7 plots for more than five demonstration areas, species structure of farming technology, biogas energy structure and function structure optimization, and all sorts of Garden Ecological Economy optimization mode comparative analysis

Mots clés : Karst region in Guizhou Soil erosion Rocky Desertification Comprehensive prevention and control Garden Ecological Economy Optimization Comparative analysis

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