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Southwestern University (2008)

Study of Land Property System of Preventing Land from Desertification

刘志华; Liu Zhi Hua

Titre : Study of Land Property System of Preventing Land from Desertification

Auteur : 刘志华; Liu Zhi Hua

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Southwestern University

In the world China is one of the desertification and the desertification area big, distributed broad, harms one of heavy national, the serious land desertification are threatening our country ecological security ,economic society’s sustainable development and Chinese survival and development. In 2004, the national desertification total area was 2,636,200 square kilometers, accounted for the national territory total area 27.46%.The mild desertification land area was 631,100 square kilometers, accounted for the desertification total acreage 23.94% ; Moderate was 985,300 square kilometers, accounts for 37.38% ; The specific weight was 433,400 square kilometers, accounts for 16.44% ; The specific weight is 586,400 square kilometers extremely, accounts for 22.24%.At present, our country desertification condition had been improved as a whole, "the destruction has been bigger than the government" from the late-1990s to transform "the government and the destruction is locked in a stalemate". Currently we must see soberly the the general situation of our country land desertification was still very stern. Presently, we need to reconsiderate unobvious effect of land desertification long-term government reality, seek for the the root of desertification and propose system reform measures to prevent desertification.This article analyzes our country land desertification from the land property system’s angle in-depth reason and proposes the corresponding reform measures. The article first reviews the related domestic and foreign literature, has made the limits to the related elementary term, elaborates the related land property system’s general theory, and summarizes present situation, the harm as well as the government situation about our country land desertification. Afterward according to our country land desertification’s present situation as well as the land property right theory, the method of AHP has carried on the system diagnosis to our country land desertification’s reason, and obtains that the root of the land desertification is the property system flaw from the farming, the forest land and the lawn. The influence weight about these three property systems to the desertification respectively is 0.252,0.179,0.569.Then the article has analyzed these three kinds of land property system’s flaws as well as the influence of preventing and controling the land desertification, obtains preventing desertification mainly to lie in the behavior of peasants to use the land. Whether the farmer can treasure the land and protect land has the direct relation with his benefit. Only to define land property right, the prevention of land desertification can realize finally. Then according to our country’s actual situation ,the article learns from the overseas prevention land desertification experience, including : the property system of overseas public commonweal forest, development experience of the American west, the operation mechanism of Australian desertification prevention strategy and the agriculture development experience of Israeli desertification area. Finally according to the analysis of our country land property system flaw’s as well as overseas experience, the article proposes property system reform suggestions which are advantageous in prevention of our country land desertification

Mots clés : Desertification; Land; Property right; System;

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