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Kunming University of Science and Technology (2008)

The grassland desertification prevention and control of legal issues

Dan Xiao Yan

Titre : The grassland desertification prevention and control of legal issues

Auteur : Dan Xiao Yan

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Kunming University of Science and Technology

Prairie in the wind and sand, water conservation, soil and water conservation, air purification, and maintenance of biological diversity, has a very important role. Grassland protection and construction work is able to do a good job, grassland directly related to the ability to play a unique role in relationship to the central, eastern region whether from the invasion of the desert and harsh climate. With the the grassland increased population and socio-economic development, human access to food from the prairie ecosystem impact and change on the ecosystem’s ability to be growing. Grassland desertification become an important ecological problems of the last century the most can not people be ignored. The key areas of the grasslands of Inner Mongolia as China’s ecological environment and biodiversity conservation, the forefront of Beijing and Tianjin, North China’s ecological barrier and safeguard the ecological environment. For nearly a hundred years, the prospects for the development of Inner Mongolia Grassland Ecosystem and can not be optimistic, former cause people unlimited reverie vast grassland is now faced with a serious ecological crisis. Grassland ecological environment continues to deteriorate, not only restricts the development of grassland animal husbandry, affecting the income of peasants and herdsmen increase, but also a direct threat to the national ecological security. Therefore, the the grassland desertification prevention research has important implications for sustainable development of China’s grassland ecosystems. First, by fully reveal of grassland desertification of the status quo, the harm caused by, as a warning to the world : government policy-makers, scholars of various disciplines, the business community, the general public and overseas friends, international organizations. The degradation of the grassland ecosystem, our country and even the world’s ecological environment and economic life has a very significant impact, we jointly have a prairie, we should take action to promote the development of sustainable grassland ecological economic system. Second, systematic analysis of grassland desertification, including prairie population, economic way, the legal system, you can sum up the experience, lessons learned, so that the grassland desertification is caused by the entire prairie ecosystem degradation repeat of this tragedy. Again, this article summarizes the laws of the foreign grassland desertification prevention and control system mode, experiences and lessons from China’s national conditions, to explore the significance in China, to achieve the purpose of \Finally, the proposed legal measures for of grassland desertification prevention and control in China, and to design appropriate policy recommendations and institutional guarantee for decision-making reference.

Mots clés : Grassland desertification Grassland in Inner Mongolia Anti-desertification Environmental Impact Assessment

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