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Lanzhou University (2007)

The Effect Research on the Improvement of Desertification by Using Polymer Absorbent Material

程登喜; Cheng Deng Xi

Titre : The Effect Research on the Improvement of Desertification by Using Polymer Absorbent Material

Auteur : 程登喜; Cheng Deng Xi

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Lanzhou University

Desertification is defined as a result that natural desert expansion and vegetation cover is destroyed in sandy soil and the exposed sand and quicksand are formated by unreasonable human activities.Desertification is a global ecological problems,the one of the world’s most serious environmental problem and natural disasters which people’s production and livelihood of major are affected seriously. The problem of desertification has affected 3.6 billion hm 2 of land in more than 100 countries., the world land area of about 1/3 is arid, semi-arid desert, but Desertification is enlarging at the rate of expansion every year 60,000 hm 2.Gansu Province desertified land are distributed mainly in the forefront and the transition zone of oasis which located in Tengger, Badain Jaran and Kumutage desert,landline is 1,600 km from east to west at length and about 667,000 ha of mobile dunes are directly threatened the province’s major grain-producing base security. Desertified land area has reached 12.035 million ha,which accounting for the province’s total land area of 28.3% and covering the 24 counties in eight cities,it is not only larger and centralized in distribution, but also a serious threat and expand quickly,which it result in Hexi area where became one of the four major source of dust storms, the province most directly threaten the ecological safety. There has been the "Oasis" Minqin County’s reputation as a 94 percent land has been desertified. The expansion of desertified land area, the province’s ecological environment exacerbated the extent of the deterioration, seriously restricting the sustainable economic development of our province. Since 2001, Premier Wen Jiabao on the ecological construction Minqin made important instructions on many occasions, go all out to speed up the Shiyang River Basin requirements focus governance, must not be allowed to become the second Minqin Lop Nor.Nevertheless, desertification and sandyland of the overall situation remains grim.It shows mainly as follows : First, the area of China desertification and sandy land base is large and the task is very arduous.Second, incentives lead to the formation of desertification has not been eliminated,the contradiction between slow economic and social development in the region and rapid growth of the masses of material and cultural demand for the people dewlling the region is still sharp.According to research of the deserts and understanding of the practice status, the authors believe that superabsorbent polymer materials science applications is a development direction to solve increasing production of desertification. This raised the idea of this research - it start the research around polymeric absorbent material on the scientific application : First, the special nature of polymeric and absorbent materials have been studied in detail by data access and on-site investigation ; scientific laws of transmission of moisture and nutrients have been studied under the conditions of the use of absorbent material in the polymer ; with a typical representative of potato crops as a main target in Northwest sandy areas, legitimacy and effectivity of the ideas and the technical program have been tested. Throughout the study, both full attention scientific, and full attention practical, and serviceable have been considered.The study used routes of technology which combined the existing data access with the actual test, which combined indoor simulated experiments with field test, the following main areas of research were carried out:First,it may raise sand layer on the water content, available nitrogen content and the real distribution of potato root in the sand layer under the conditions of the use of polymeric absorbent material with different tests.Second,we would test nutrient status and conditions of sand different planting years in the field,analyze the growth process of potatoes after sowing and the production of potatoes,and the conclusion that the better cropping patterns can adjust to potatoes can be arrived at ,which guide farmers to undertake agricultural production.

Mots clés : Polymer absorbent material; sandy land; deserts improvement; potato cropping patterns;

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