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Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology (2008)

A Study on Legal Issues Relating to Prevention and Treatment of China’s Desertification

Liu Yu Pei

Titre : A Study on Legal Issues Relating to Prevention and Treatment of China’s Desertification

Auteur : Liu Yu Pei

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology

Desertification is one of the major ecological environment issues in the world today. Not only threat the environment, but also restrict the sustained development of the global economy as well as the stability of society. In fact, desertification is about land degradation, which the loss of land’s biological productivity. Studies show that desertification was caused by combination of fragile ecological environment and laggard social and economic pattern with un-rational economic policies.China is one of the countries with threat of desertification in the world. Besides the arid areas, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas are all distributed. In addition to the natural factors, human irrational socio-economic activities account for main part in desertification, for example, estrepement, excessive grazing, denudation, as well as the problem of abuse the water resources. At the same time continued population growth, the traditional way of life, imperfect laws and regulations, the level of economic development as well as the quality of the population and other factors are also accelerating the expansion of desertification.The process of desertification caused soil erosion, resulting in the loss of organic matter and nutrients, and decline in yield farmland. Therefore, the sharp decline of agriculture and animal husbandry production lead huge economic losses, and farmers and herdsmen’s life even more poverty. In addition, deterioration of desertification influences traffic, establishment and also the people’s daily life. Otherwise, desertification not only affects the global climate, but also harms the human health.Whereas the increasingly serious problem of desertification development trend, and has been on the sustainable development of China’s economy and social stability in the seriously affected, since 1990s, Chinese Government put forward to desertification, at the same time bring it into the national economic and social development plan. Although this task achieves notability effect, the area of desertification still expands uninterruptedly.Through the investigation of foreign countries, as well as combine the complexion of our country, this paper analyses the desertification at several angles, for example, present conditions, compromise, experiences of foreign countries and so on. However, there are many problems in research of desertification. System and policy are also inducement of desertification and resource of un-powerful in desertification control. Forest right empty and imperfect have lead over uses of these resources and also restrict investment enthusiasm ; unstable policies, restrict among departments, and poor expiation mechanism, these all have cause un-effect desertification control.The basic strategies for desertification control have been put forward. Firstly, use the economic and social development strategies to reduce population pressure and improve population diathesis ; optimized desertification area economic structure. Secondly, establish ecological protection regions to solve poor problem and setup ecological ethic. Thirdly, desertification should put forward ecological expiating mechanism for desertification control. What’s more, Long stable land right should be given to farmers, tree’s ownership right should be cleared, ecological purchasing

Mots clés : Desertification Prevention and Treatment of desertification Legislation of desertification prevention and treatment Execute the legislation of desertification prevention and treatment

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