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Southwestern University (2009)

Study of Rocky Desertification Area Vegetation Ecological Water Requirement and Model of Plant

Li Kun Feng

Titre : Ecological Water Requirement and Model of Plant

Auteur : Li Kun Feng

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Southwestern University

Vegetation composition of the ecosystem are the most basic part of biology,If we want to maintain a good ecological environment,the need to protect plant communities and construction,the normal growth and must update the amount of water consumed, which is vegetation ecological water requirement of the foundation.Fragile ecological environment in the area of the first principles of ecological protection of the ecological water must be given priority are met,the only way to maintain the ecological environment is not further degraded.Rocky desertifieation area in China are the key areas of soil erosion,water scarcity,and the temporal and spatial distribution of irreplaceability are rocky desertification region of the unbalanced nature of economic and social development of the speed and scale of the "bottleneck" is also eco-environmental degradation One of the main reasons.Water ecosystems in the region are the reconstruction of the fundamental,but also economic and social development in the course of one of the most important issues.In this paper,the Chongqing area of karst rocky desertification area for the study of ecological water requirement of plant and crop patterns,water and agricultural income to be an analysis of prediction study on rock desertification at how the coordination of population,resources,environment and development in the relationship between the development of better treatment and protection,population and resources,and sustainable development.Master’s degree at the author,the instructor had the honor of participating chaired by Professor Xie Shiyou Ministry of Science and Technology Fund to support projects,and on this basis at the completion of thesis writing.Because of ecological water demand is still in its infancy,in the specific research methods also exist for improvement.This article first amendment Penman formula improved after the use of Penman formula ecological water demand.The calculation reflects the woodland on the spatial and temporal changes in water characteristics. However,in the calculation method did not reflect the vegetation type of the specific differences between the.For crop water requirement,summed up the results of previous studies,combined with the geographical location of study area,the ecological environment,weather factors,species type,length of growing season,planting time to research and analysis.Specific area of the existing trees and grass growth is not very ideal situation.Should not be a large area in the development of forestry,should select resistant to drought,the trees in the terrain Low,diving and more abundant water supply has lots to carry out greening.Grass during the dry season rainfall can not meet the minimum ecological water demand,the need for artificial irrigation,it is best to plant water requirements of the forest is not very strict or medicine Lin.Woodland area in the whole growing season the total water demand between8.3995×10 8m 3and13.9991×10 8m 3.Focused on water demand May August and September.The study area is less and high multiple crop index.The main crops in the plant to the main food crops,farming systems,including the fall of the year mainly cooked one or two of the three cooked dry crop rotation system and the instability in the summer of mainly cooked dry one year rotation system,the increase in total grain output,mainly by expanding the area,to improve the achievement of multiple crop index.The growth of major crops in the March-October period.Calculation of crop water requirement of the first application of our predecessors at the Chongqing area of research and reference crop coefficient method validation,followed by rice crop coefficient method,the study area combined with a variety of crops,the study area to estimate crop water requirement for 340.61×10 6m 3,one of water,food crops to be accounted for 69.76 percent,the economy in rapeseed crops,vegetables,herbal medicines need more water.The average per unit area of crop water requirement for the average 3640.63m 3 / hm 2, the average per unit area of crop irrigation 409.174m 3/hm 2.Larger than average crop irrigation has corn,beans,peanuts and vegetables.Unit of forest land suitable for fixed and ecological water requirement of crop water requirement of the average fixed fairly. May be appropriate to reduce the general ecological forest grass to artificial forests and orchards.Increase the income of peasants.Through the analytic hierarchy process,this paper argues that:by adjusting the crop, woodland,grassland plant structure and to adjust the internal structure of crops and reasonable distribution of water resources,improve the ecological environment are the fundamental way out.In the formation and well and irrigation,plant rice or vegetables, is not conducive to proper rotation of farmland irrigation plant wheat,corn and other dry crops,increasing food self-sufficiency and vegetables outside the losers:The sloping land,especially on steep slopes,the cultivation of cash crops for many years or forest.

Mots clés : Nanchuan vegetation crops plant model ecological water requirement

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