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Beijing Forestry University (2009)

Research on Desertification Combating Technologies and Vegetation Remote Sensing Monitoring of the Oasis in Qinghai

Liu Xiao Dan

Titre : Research on Desertification Combating Technologies and Vegetation Remote Sensing Monitoring of the Oasis in Qinghai

Auteur : Liu Xiao Dan

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Qaidam Basin is an important ecological functions of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau area, is one of the critical areas of biodiversity conservation, ecological conditions not only affect the sustainable development of the region, but also affect the entire ecological security of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In recent years, local improvement of the ecological environment of the Qaidam Basin, but the overall deterioration of the problems are still outstanding, and has had a greater impact on the sustainable social and economic development of the entire basin. Due to the influence of natural factors and irrational human activities, the main problem of the ecological environment in the area of ??desertification, which desertification. In this context, the paper select the Qaidam Basin typical Chahanwusu oasis for the study area, to carry out oasis desertification prevention and control vegetation remote sensing monitoring order to provide a reference for the study area’s ecological construction and sustainable development. Lancha Khan Wusu oasis from the following aspects of the study : (1) Because of water resources is a key factor controlling oasis desertification development, construction of ecological oasis, but the long-term the Chahanwusu the oasis water resources situation clear understanding Wusu - Summer Ha district kept this first survey research on water resources, hydrology and water resources survey, think Chahanwusu oasis water system composed by the Chahanwusu River summer Ha River, qagan years average diameter The flow of 1.9753 one hundred million m 3 groundwater resources 1.9794 one hundred million m to the total water resources of 2.5255 one hundred million m to 3. Water quality testing, rivers, surface water and groundwater quality are good ; (2) by summing up the desertification prevention and control experience and pilot studies of the Qaidam Basin on the basis of the proposed study area oasis desertification prevention and control technology system can be divided into the vegetation construction technology system with Engineering Combat technical system. Restore fencing technology of vegetation construction system by vegetation, the sand fixation afforestation technology, returning farmland to forests and pastures and oasis shelterbelt technology system ; engineering the prevention technology system by mechanical sand barrier sand fixation and chemical sand fixation ; (3) due to desertification in to a certain extent on the performance degradation of the vegetation, vegetation dynamic change to some extent reflect the dynamic change of desertification, the study of vegetation can explore the dynamic changes the desertification of dynamic change. Papers based on \volatile growth trends, the oasis of desertified land has been effective governance, the vegetation coverage by the low level into the higher level, the the oasis edge of vegetation situation improved markedly.

Mots clés : Oasis Water Resources Desertification Control Technique Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

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