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University of Arizona (1979)

Water pollution in an arid urban environment, Tucson, Arizona

Hansen, Gary Bruce

Titre : Water pollution in an arid urban environment, Tucson, Arizona

Auteur : Hansen, Gary Bruce

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science 1979

The scarcity of water resources in many of the arid urban areas of the United States has created a situation in which a continuing and increasing amount of concern is directed toward water pollution control and wastewater reuse. The Tucson, Arizona, urban area is representative of this trend. Municipal wastewater effluent, previously disregarded, is now beginning to be utilized as a valuable water resource. It is the most obvious wastewater source. There are, however, a number of other sources of polluted water which should be investigated to determine their impact on the scarce water resources of the arid urban area. These pollutant sources in the Tucson area include urban stormwater runoff, landfill leachate, on-site treatment systems, and construction activities. Within this study, each of these pollution sources is analyzed for quantity, quality, and location of pollutant. The pollu tion problem and the existing pollution management system for each area are assessed. In addition, some basic recommendations for future management of these problem sources are presented. The study is designed to fit into a comprehensive urban planning structure and suggests areas for future concern and increased water resource manage ment as dictated by the unique arid climate and water needs of the Tucson urban area.

Mots clés : Hydrology. ; Water – Pollution – Arizona – Pima County. ; Water-supply – Arizona – Tucson.


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