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Universitat de Barcelona (2010)

Regeneració i reutilització d’aigües residuals. Tecnologia, control i risc

Huertas Hidalgo, Esther

Titre : Regeneració i reutilització d’aigües residuals. Tecnologia, control i risc

Auteur : Huertas Hidalgo, Esther

Université de soutenance : Universitat de Barcelona

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2010

Direct reuse of reclaimed wastewater in arid and semiarid regions is being developed actively as an answer to the imbalance between water demand, supply, and ecology. Actually, reuse is a nonconventional alternative source of good quality water with minimal sanitary risk. For this purpose tertiary treatments are necessary. This research studies different treatments before disinfection technologies (modified infiltration-percolation, physical-chemical pilot, ring filter and sand filter). This experimentation also includes the study of conventional treatments (chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracètic acid and ultraviolet radiation) and nonconventional treatments (modified infiltration-percolation and constructed wetlands) as disinfection technologies. Obtained results from all treatment lines are used in order to establish the best treatment line for wastewater reclamation according to the Spanish legislation (RD 1620/2007). Risk assessment and risk management tools, as hazard analysis and critical control points, related to reclaimed water reuse are other points considered in this work. Finally, this study examined the influence of operation and maintenance of modified infiltration-percolation and the influence of biofouling of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes on the performance of the membranes in removing boron. Results obtained from these experiences show that the reuse of reclaimed water can improve water supply. Besides, it is important to take into account that reuse is a tool for replacement and exchange of resources that demands the use of best reclamation technology. Risk analysis is a basic tool in the future of reclaimed water reuse.

Mots clés : Regeneració d’aigua ; Regeneración de aguas ; Water Reclamation ; Tecnologia d’aigües residuals ; Tecnología de las aguas residuales ; Wastewater Technology ; Qualitat de les aigües ; Calidad de las aguas ; Water Quality ; Ciències Experimentals i Matemàtiques

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