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Universidade Federal do Ceara (2010)

Phytochemical study of Croton Jacobinensis Baill (Euphorbiaceae)

Souza da Silva Francisco José

Titre : Phytochemical study of Croton Jacobinensis Baill (Euphorbiaceae)

Auteur : Souza da Silva Francisco José

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Ceara

Grade : Master of Science 2010

Euphorbiaceae is a family of plants that have more than 8000 species with over 300 genera, widely distributed in tropical and temperate regions worldwide. Despite the wide distribution of this family, many species have never been studied in the chemical point of view. One of these species is Croton jacobinensis, restricted to Brazilian semi-arid region, known popularly as marmeleiro-branco. To contribute to the chemical knowledge of this species the woody of the roots of this plant was subjected to a cold extraction with a mixture of dichloromethane / methanol (2:3). The extract obtained after liquid-liquid extraction and concentration was subjected to successive chromatographic treatments on silica gel resulted in isolation and characterization of the mixture of steroid β-sitosterol and stigmasterol, and three diterpenes, two of the basic skeleton of the class crotofolano, one of them being registered as crotofolina E and the other character unpublished. The other diterpene isolated belong to the class of labdane and is also unprecedented in the literature. For the isolation of secondary metabolites usual chromatographic techniques were employed as thin layer chromatography, filtration chromatography and flash chromatography. Structure determination of non-volatile constituents was achieved by the use of techniques : Infrared (IR), mass spectrometry (MS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Hydrogen-1 and Carbon-13 (1H and 13C NMR uni and bidimensional) and comparison with literature data.

Mots clés : QUIMICA DOS PRODUTOS NATURAIS ; QuÃmica vegetal ; Diterpenos ; Euphorbiaceae

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