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Universidade Federal de Sergipe (2005)

Potencial biotecnológico do umbu : perspectivas para o semi árido.

Dângelly Lins Figuerôa Martins de Mélo

Titre : Potencial biotecnológico do umbu : perspectivas para o semi árido.

POTENTIAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGICAL UMBU : perspectives for the semi - arid.

Auteur : Dângelly Lins Figuerôa Martins de Mélo

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Grade : Mestre 2005

The semi-arid region of the Brazilian Northwest has been the focused of several studies aiming the alternatives to amplify the possibilities utilization of sources for population. Subsistence agriculture and extensive herds constitute the systems of production basically. Nevertheless some native species from this region among them the Umbu trees (Spondias tuberosa Arr. Cam.) has been contributed as an alternative source income in the dry periods. The goal of this study was to evaluate the biotechnological potential of umbu fruits, aiming to promote alternative income which can contribute to improve the life of communities in dry regions. It was utilized the following parameters : the umbu yeast identification ; workmanship wine production, physical chemistry and sensorial umbu wine characteristics and the isozyme pattern of yeast isolated from umbu. Fresh fruits of umbu were isolated from 54 morphotypes and identified 17 species with nine isolated from workmanship wine umbu essays. The results to evidence the fruits of umbu trees (Spondias tuberosa) as good substrate to grow yeasts with a predominance of Ascomycete species to ferment wine. All samples were able to produce wine in a workmanship scale with physical chemistry and sensorial characteristics acceptable. The Kloeckera japonica species and Kluyveromyces marxianus produced the more acceptable umbu wine. Analyzing the isozyme patterns it was detected the existence of a intra and inter specific polymorphism which demonstrate the potentiality of this technique to distinguish the studied yeast. The umbu wine in a production system context presents as an alternative income in productive chain.

Mots clés : Semi-árido ; Sergipe ; sustentabilidade ; umbuzeiro ; vinho de umbu ; isoenzimas ; Outros ; Semi-arid region ; Sergipe ; sustainability ; umbu tree ; umbu wine ; isozyme


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