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Roskilde University (2010)

Urbane gartnerier i Bamako

Aare, Ane Kirstine

Titre : Urbane gartnerier i Bamako

Auteur : Aare, Ane Kirstine

Université de soutenance : Roskilde University

Grade : Master of Science 2010

In Bamako, Mali, urban gardens has existed for a long period of time. Due to the urbanization of Sub-Saharan Africa, the city of Bamako is growing rapidly leaving the urban farmers without secure land acces. As a response the government has initiated a project, which is to move some of the garderners 18 km away form Bamako, and onto spare land. In this report we analyze how the interaction between the different actors involved in urban gardening is expressed in the planning of the urban gardens. We find the landscape of actors very chaotic and inscrutable. This makes it difficult to implement communicative planning, which could be a rewarding approach when dealing with many actors. We furthermore discuss the levels of sustainability in the current planning. There are a lot of factors when dealing with sustainability, and it is difficult to conclude whether or not the planning will succeed in creating a sustainable solution to the lack of space in Bamako.

Mots clés : Urban gardening ; Mali ; Byplanlægning ; Bæredygtighed ; Urbaniserin ; Afrika ; Donald Schön ; Patsy Healey

Présentation (OATD)

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